6 Days in North Wales

To start the Year of Legends we did a road trip up to the unbelievable North Wales to see some of the most incredible things they had to offer. We started in Gwynedd, in the perfect Portmeirion then headed to Anglesey, and then on to Conwy...



Our first stop on our North Wales adventure was Gwynedd! We stayed in Portmeirion, visited underground caves, Ziplined, road segways, saw a CASTLE and visited an old Welsh Legend...

circuit 2.jpeg


Our second stop on our North Wales adventure was to the beautiful island of Anglesey! We went on a rib boat, saw some goats, stayed in a beautiful welsh cottage by the sea, drove race cars around the Anglesey Circuit, saw where they make Halen Mon salt, and loads more!



Our final stop on our North Wales road trip was the scenic Conwy! We went for a snowboard, a surf, saw some cute animals, stayed in two gorgeous hotels, went to watch a show, ate amazing food and so much more...