Day four has arrived!

Vik - Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon - Hofn.

Honestly, the saying 'time flies when you're having fun' really is spot on. With the trip being fast paced and jam packed everything seemed to happen so bloomin fast! And before we knew it day four was upon us!


So we woke up STILL stuck on the beach, in the sand in Vik. We stayed the night in hopes someone would come and help us in the morning - and they did!

Mr.B's right hand man who lives in Vik - just outside where we were, came and gave us a helping hand out! Legend!

So today we spent the majority of the day driving.. BORING! We needed to get to Hofn tonight to make sure we were on track for the whole week as we needed to be back in Reykjavik by the Wednesday!

We started off in Vik, grabbed some breakfast and petrol from a little supermarket/restaurant place called víkurskáli and then we had a 2 hour 15 minute drive to the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Which would be our only stop for the day!

We laughed, sang, drank, ate and danced until we were merry. Craig told me that there might be some seals at the lagoon, I got super excited but i didn't get my hopes up just incase we didn't see one.

When we arrived, I couldn't believe my eyes! We had been driving for so long, over so much barren and brown land it was INSANE to see an illuminous blue patch of sea with floating white bits in it! But in Iceland this is what happens! Things just pop up out of no where! (It was freezing so wrap up warm!)

Best part was.. we saw a seal!! :D

He was swimming around popping his head out being a drama queen, making sure everyone could see him! He was on his own, so instead of thinking he's been abandoned from his famz I decided in my head that he was an extrovert, if he was a human he'd be on the stage at a broadway show in London, his family were all just waiting in the house for him while he paraded around singing frozen and life is a cabaret. I loved him.

We flew the drone over and he did a little dance for us, I wish i had some glitter to throw at him, i know he would have loved that.

We drove another hour to Hofn - where we would stay the night. We searched for a campsite there to have a shower, because.. well it had been too long since we'd washed. These wet wipe washes weren't happening. We ended up in Hofn camping ground. Pretty easy to find. It was around 1100kr to camp there and it's 50kr for 2 minutes in their showers.

Now we didn't need to stay there, so I just asked to use their showers. The lady mentioned that usually they wouldn't let us unless we were staying there BUT I think she smelt me and has empathy. So she let us use them! Good lad.

We set up camp - somewhere, drew our curtains probably had some sweets and settled for the night.

Check it all out on the big screen: