Day five is here!!

Hofn - Egilsstaðir - Viti Crater - Husavik

Gleðidagur fimm - I'm hoping this means, 'Happy day 5!' in Icelandic!

So day five arrived. We woke up with vastness surrounding us, brushed our teeth and played a game of badminton over the camper van - like you do.
It was Aimee's birthday eve and she was already getting excited!!

The aim of the game today was to get to Husavik. Husavik was 5.5 hours away from Hofn - where we currently were. Yikes.

But with the help of a 90's playlist, romantic ballads and a fantastic amount of sweets, we were well on our way. 

The other aim of today was to find a bloody Bonus! (The cheapest Icelandic supermarket!) We still hadn't been to one since we arrived in Iceland and Mr.B had kindly given us a loaded card to spend there! But there was one on the way - result!

We got to Bonus - HANK MARVIN Mate! So went nuts and ended up spending like £100! You know when you go food shopping when you're hungry.. it's just dangerous. But we made the most spectacular sandwich ever, i'm now thinking we should be opening our own sarnie shop not travelling the world. It's my calling init.

The next stop was Viti Crater.  This part of the drive was INSANE. One time we'd be driving through massive valleys with streams and mountains surrounding us, and the next it was blooming snowing and we were driving over a blanket of white dust!

We went up the mountains and down the mountains - don't be thinking Iceland is flat mate - far from it! We passed beaches and waterfalls and my ears popped SOO many times! And guess what else we passed..well we stopped obvs - a flippin Reindeer!! It felt like I saw Santa himself. 

Viti Crater wasn't all it had cracked up to be! LOL (only because of the time of the year) I was expecting it to be a sensational colour blue, with steam coming off it (because i'm more than sure I read somewhere that you can swim in it) but instead it was.. nothing. Infilled with snow and snow covering all the corner of it! In all fairness a guy did say to us to not bother going, but Craig was adamant! 

So we eventually arrived in Husavik and it was bloody raining! Which we didn't really care about too much because we were in our Cozy camper! Super Cosy! BUT it was my birthday the next day and we were going Whale watching early, so we hoped it would stop by then (spoiler - it did! Whoooop!)

So check out todays vlog on the big screen and look out for my birthday vlog tomorrow - it's a corker!