Off to Iceland? Thinking about it?
You've 135% come to the right place!
If you know us, you know Iceland is one of our favourite countries and that is a HUGE statement for us! We cannot recommend it enough, if you tell me you're going, I will cry with happiness.

It's is like another world. 'Iceland has barren, mars like stretches of road laced with surprises' < how Craig describes it. Love that!
It just has everything and the fact that most things are free (which they jeffin should be, it's like 25 pound for a sammich) makes it so much more explorable and doable in general!
It's not as expensive as you think, honestly. We're poor and we went..

Things to know

  • The Icelandic currency is Krona and 1000 ISK is around £5.50.
  • Most people speak English.
  • Summer is June - August.
  • During the summer months it does not get dark. There is 24/7 sunlight.
  • Winter is November - March.
  • During the winter months there may only be 2-4 hours of sunlight a day.
  • Bonus is their cheapest supermarket with a bottle of coke costing around 89p.
  • Everywhere in Iceland take any kind of credit or debit cards, no need to take money.
  • An average cup of (petrol station) coffee costs around 250-500 which is about £1.40 - 2.50.

Getting around

First and foremost we highly recommend getting a campervan. The freedom it gives, not to mention it doubling up as accommodation (save those pennies for strippers) who's winning? That's you mate.

We use Cozy Campers because well.. they're the best. Not just saying it. 
Mr B is the nicest guy on the earth and will make sure you are safe and comfortable the whole way around Iceland. (We got stuck half way around in Sand and he had a guy he knew in the same town come and pull us out - legend!)
If you're planning on driving the ring road or are going further than the Golden Circle, a camper is a must or else you're paying for accommodation the whole way around and that can be expensive.

Mr B has the most luxury campers in all of iceland, full equipt with blackout curtains, a fridge, fold out premium double bed and best of all - mood lighting!!
Also in some of his vans there is a panoramic sunroof so you don't have to get your feet cold outside, you can just stay inside the van and look up at the northern lights. Amazing.

Other ways of getting around are obviously by car. This would be our second recommendation as the third would be via tours - and we always try and convince people not to pay extortionate amounts for these, by simply doing them yourself.
If you pay for tours, you are staying in Reykjavik and getting picked up and dropped back off to your hotel. We believe there is SO much more out there to explore - go on, get adventurous, need a pep talk? Ring me, it will all be okay. Let's get independent!!

Things to do

If you were in Iceland for a whole month you couldn't fit everything in! Where do I even start!?
So the three best things we've decided on are Whale watching in Husavik. Oh my actual nan. Unbelievable to see these water giants in their natural space just swimming around without a care in the world. I think we should all be more like whales. So epic.
Driving around waterfall chasing was another one. Cheap as ya like mate. They honestly took our breath away. You could be driving a long dusty road for hours then finally come across a HUGE waterfall just sat there on the side of the road! The natural beauty Iceland has to offer is well up there next to Aimee B! (That's me btw)
And our third bestest was the Beer Spa! Getting into a bathtub of beer is surely on everyones bucket list?!
Check out our 'Top 10 things to do in Iceland 2018' for more recommendations (it includes a video!)

Where to stay

If you know Kinging-it, you know we hate it when you just go in and book a hotel - LETS BE DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!
Usually you're excited for the activities and stuff you'll be doing when you're on your holi bobs - why not get excited about where your staying too? Make it all all round, flippin wicked trip!
Of course for Iceland, we would 100% recommend a campervan.
Freedom and accommodation all bundled into one! But how do I shower and poop I head you shout?! When we drove the ring road in 2016 we made sure we had a few stops along the road to stop out and sort out our weaves.
The cheapest way to book a place to stay is probably AirBnb. We use this all the time and you can find dorm rooms as cheap as £12 per night! (who said Iceland was expensive!?) Best advice yet - use our link here and get £25 off your first booking..  so that's two nights on us!!


So a lot of people are put off by Iceland because they think it's MEGA expensive - well you're in luck guys.
It doesn't have to be and we'll tell you how.

Shop in the cheapest supermarket in Iceland - BONUS! Whoop, this chain of legendary stores (31 to be precise) has to be hit before you start your epic Icelandic trip of a lifetime! You can fill up your trolley full of decent bargains including a sheep's head, fermented shark and sour Ram's testicals. YUM!

*Alcohol - they do not sell Alcohol in the supermarkets so buy it at duty free


SO! I hope this answers all of your Icelandic questions and queries!
If not, drop us a line at and we'll see if we can help!
Check out our other Iceland write ups and our Top 10 things to do in Iceland video on youtube.

Thanks for having us!

Love Aimee and Craig.