Day Two is upon us!

Selijalandsfoss - Skogafoss - Solheimasandur Plane Wreck - Selijavallalaug Geothermal pool.

After sleeping on some barren land somewhere in the middle of Iceland we woke up to a cracking day! Feeling fresh and breezy, we tucked into our routinal cheerios in a cup (btw the milk in Iceland is BOOMING! Creamest in all the land, i've lost count of how many milk cartons we got to sip on the journey) and headed for our first stop of the day Selijandsfoss Waterfall.

What a beauty! We have loads of waterfalls here in Wales but nothing of this magnitude! I lost the plot thinking someone was getting married just underneath it but turns out it was FAKE! Fuming! Bitch had jeans on under her dress! They were just photographing a photoshoot.. I'm pretty sure we were in most of them. Soz.

Now don't get me wrong.. the waterfall itself is tall dark and handsome BUT the last time Craig was here it wasn't all rainbows and happy emojis. He crashed the drone. So nerves were a little high. We just prayed she didn't remember her accident here and hoped she'd fly ok today. Well she did. The little star. We even got a shout out on Iceland Air's instagram for this winning photo we took from the drone:

After doing some cartwheels we got back in the camper and headed for Skogafoss - perhaps my new favourite word.

Skogafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. It has a little river leading up to it where you can drink the water. Well, you can basically drink any water you see in Iceland, it's suppose to be the best in the world! I'm not really a fan of water. Chuck some squash in, i'm all yours.

So I had an idea for a photo. It involved Craig standing at the bottom of the waterfall with his arms out and a big wide shot of the whole waterfall.. this is how it turned out..
Mum, I think we will make a photographer out of me after all.

Look at the size of it!

Look at the size of it!

Just 10 minutes down the road we headed for the Solheimasandur Plane Wreck. There are a lot of people online freaking, thinking they're not going to be able to find the start of it - don't worry. You will. There are always cars parked in bulk for special places. So if you don't plan on stopping, but there is a mothers meeting happening on the side of the road - stop, you never know what it could be. We did this once and it turned out to be 2 MASSIVE reindeer! I've never seen anything like them before. Santa was in town.

So for all your mentalists out there the directions to the Plane go something like this:

It's located between Skogafoss and the town of Vik. So drive passed Skogafoss (like you're heading to vik) on Route 1 you'll cross a bridge with those yellow blinking lights, go over the bridge and you'll see a sign for Sólheimajökull Glacier on the left.

Keep driving and like 1.3 minutes and keep your eyes peeled for a little dirt road off to the right with a gate (there will be cars parked there you defo wont miss it!)

But FYI the owners HAVE locked the gate to it - not to keep our tourists but to keep tourists from driving to the plane. Apaz tourists were not really using the driving track and damaging the land. So I repeat YOU CAN NO LONGER DRIVE TO THE PLANE. You gots to walk okay.

It takes about 40 mins to an hour, depending on your fitness level or how much your messing about (took us way longer obvs.)

When we arrived something didn't seem right, I was expecting the site to be quite maybe out of respect or something but the (what i thought was untouched) plane was being drilled and hammered into. There was a film crew there and they were filming for a French company. I was a bit taken back. I thought the plane had remained the same for over 40 years untouched and a bit eerie. I was a bit disappointed to be honest, it kind of lost its sacredness and purity, lol know what I mean? 

Of course I asked if we could be in the film, and mentioned we didn't come cheap. Needless to say he didn't offer us the job. So that's that! 

We headed back to the van and on to our last stop - Selijavallalaug Geothermal pool.

As you can see we went back on ourselves to go to this little hot spot. We wanted to do the long walk to the plane first - get all sweaty and tired, then relax in the pool at the end of the day.

As you can see we went back on ourselves to go to the pool because we wanted to relax after the walk.


Head back up left to Skogafoss. The pool itself is between the two waterfalls Skogafoss and Selijalandsfoss. There will be a road on your left - the 242- called Raufarfellsvegur. Then you see the sign for Selijavellir - this is the road that takes you right to the car park - right at the end of it (where there is also a hotel!? or building of some sort - again there will be cars parked so just pull up)

Just go left if you're looking at the building. Walk for around 10-15 mins and wallah you're there.

The pool is just like an old outdoor swimming pool. It's warm - not boiling but the best tip it the head the the bottom left corner.. the one with the ladders by it. This is where the hot water filters in, and it's toasty!! Also bring some beer, towels, bathers, camera and a fabulous smile. There are 3 changing rooms, just get in one of them, who cares, full frontal isn't frowned upon, i learned the hard way. 

Day three donezo!

To prove we aren't lying - watch it all here: