Fancy walking on mars for a bit? Iceland is your guy. The magnificence (totally a word) of this place will blow your chops off – from all directions.

There are 2 main routes.
Golden circle and Ring road.

OK, I’m going to Say it… Iceland is one of our TOP favourite places on the planet – yeh, it’s THAT good! And if you’re going.. maatte. Congrats – what a pick! It’s going to knock your thermal socks off.

One thing not on this top 10 list, but a huge essential - is a Cozy camper. You need to travel Iceland in style mate, and why not save some pennies whilst you're at it!
Check out our 'quick guide to Iceland' to make sure you know exactly what you're in for!
Without further BS..

Welcome to some of the best things Iceland has to offer... (In no particular order)

Whale Watching

Still holding the award for one of my favourite days on earth was whale watching in Husavik – (one of the best spots for it.)
There are a million and one companies offering whale watching tours. After some research we went with Husavik Adventures that offered the tour on a small 12 seater rib boat and Whale watching Hauganes which was a huge oak pirate type boat – both super special days (day one obv more special because it was maa burfday ya’ll.) We saw minkey whales and humpback whales are basically cried at both. A must do when in Iceland.

Husavik Adventures: £127 (this includes a visit to Puffin island)
Whale watching Hauganes : £70pp

Beer Bath Spa

Get ya slipperz on, get a beer and get in, what more could you ever need right?
Wrong. I don't even like beer! I only got in because she said it was good for my hair and skin. LAWL
Located at the bjorbodin spa in North Iceland, the tubs are made out of Kambala wood and hold up to two people.
We had a wonderful relaxing time and were one of the first peoples to try it out, as it’s only recently opened in 2017!
And with our own beer tap Craig became a proper man all of a sudden. The beer in the tub is extremely silky and the treatment is suppose to have a very positive effect on your health.
After the beer bath your escorted upstairs to the relaxation room where one of the ladies wraps you up In blankets like the little butterfly you are, puts on a little face masks and leave you to marinade for around 30mins. It’s lush. I can’t stop remembering how fluffy the carpet was.

Big group? No worries. They have 2 hot tubs outside with AMAZING views holding 8-10 people each.
Couples bath is around £90.
Time – 25mins in tub – 25 mins relax.
Location – close to Dalvik – literlly 12 o clock if youre looking at the map.



Iceland is best known for some of it’s amazing waterfalls and scenes of beauty (best of all, they’re free! Well.. apart from parking fees which they’re just bringing in. boo!)
Picture this – you're driving around belting fierce powerballads from the 80s and suddenly you come across a ginormous flowing glacial water melt. Heart stopping stuff.
Iceland has some of the most phenomenal waterfalls we’ve ever seen. They’re powerful and tall and give you a special vibe when you’re close to them, kind of like what id imagine being a power ranger feels like.
Some of the Waterfalls we visited -
Golden circle waterfalls:
Ring road waterfalls:
Seljalandsfoss can go behind
Dyjandi – being a personal fave! (looks like a teared cake!)


Natural Hot pools
In my opinion, it’s the natural hot pools dotted around the place that makes Iceland stand out from the crowd.
How flipping cool though?! 
Just a spring produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater that rises from the Earth's crust … no biggie.
Going on a hot pool mission is one of my fave things in the world to do – these little gems are not easy to find!

Some of the ones we have visited:



Is it said guy-sirs? Nobody knows.
So a geysir is an erruption of hot water out of the ground hurling boiling water into the air - These things are nuts, don’t stand too close mate – you’ll have no skin left.
We visited the Strokkur geysir not too far from Reykjavik.
There were baby ones on the way up, but none of them erupted so when we got to the main guy – what a show!
It happens every 3-4 minutes and is the most magical kind of bubblegum blue.

Cost – free to walk up to.
In Iceland they offer tours for everywhere – which cost a lot of money. But if you do it youself with a car or camper, it’s so much cheaper!


Snorkeling in Silfra

Now there’s cold – and there’s Silfra. P.s don’t pee in your dry suit.
One of the world’s top diving sites. It’s a fresh water fissure (how posh though, I’m guna say lake) located in UNESCO World Heritage site, Thingvellir, not too far from the capital.
And trust me when I say – this place is pristine! We went with Adventure Vikings and they were fabulous!
You keep your clothes on under a dry suit, grab a snorkel and lower yourself in! When you stick your face in the whole world changes.. It’s the clearest and purest filtered glacial water I’ve ever been in and you can see everything down as far as your eyes will take you! It changes from a clear blue to dark blue then miles down into the abyss. It’s so clean you can drink it. Oh and did I mention youre actually snorkel between two continents – Europe and America. And when we went – I could actually go between the two tectonic plates and touch both continents!
An incredible experience. So, so beautiful.

Prices: £101pp



This place is BEAUTIFUL!
We were diving for hours and the sat nav told us we’d made it. So we walked over a brown gritty hill and there it was!
The best looking glacial lake ive ever seen, EVER. Icebergs and sunshine.
It nearly hurt my eyes it was so bright!
The blue water is just breath taking.. and the most incredible colour! But the best part, where I lost my shit, was when we saw a seal. *massive smile with double chin* He was dancing for us and very curious about the drone.


Myvatn Hot Pools

A cheaper alternative to the blue lagoon. (BL - $50 Myvatn - $27)
The Myvatn baths are more intimate than the Blue lagoon, there are less tourists and it is cheaper however, they are further into Iceland.

It still has the crazy blue heated waters with a variety of pools at different temperatures.
You get robes and slippers and can also use their outdoor steam room – which is PIPING hot. We definitely needed the stop here on our trip – I don’t think we’d washed for 5 days, the hair was starting to matt. Beyonce’s when we came out though!


Grjotagja Cave

I think if I was a little cave monster or like a leach or something, I’d quite like to live here – super cosy.
The cave most famously known for THAT Game of Thrones scene. Once again, in the middle of no where! It’s a small lava cave with a thermal pool inside. (which has now become too hot to bathe in unless your heat tolerance is 100)
If you didn’t know where it was, no one would find it! It’s just hidden in the side of a cave, and you have to walk down into it. As soon as you do you can feel the temperature turn up!
The colour of it’s water is again out of this world. So clean and clear!
It used to be used as a bathing spot for locals until a near by volcano erupted and made it unsafe to bathe because temperatures soared. (but someone did get in when we were there!)


Secret Solstice Festival

I think you need to go to a festival in every country to see how the kids get down. It’s fair to say, I don’t think we quite fitted in.
Honestly, I don’t think I saw an ugly face anywhere. What beautiful genes.
This music festival is held in Reykjavik – Iceland’s capital.
Every summer they hold the 3 day festival with big name artists flying to play in it from all over the world. We saw the Foo Fighters and I basically got assaulted by Big Sean’s Bodyguard after taking a photo with him.
Everyone gets dressed up with glitter and fur coats and wellies. (or just anything that’s clean for us- quick sniff test) and you're on your way to party with the locals.

Prices start from £140 for tickets plus extra for camping!

Iceland is incredible.
It has everything you need for a smashing week away!
We've been twice (totalling 20 days) and we still could spend a lifetime there!
Grab your thermals and get Iceland ticked off your bucket list!

Loads of love,
Aimee and Craig