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Kinging-It is a travel movement started by Craig and Aimee, a young Welsh couple with an urge to show the world what real travelling is like. Through their adventures, the ups and the downs they will show you that travel doesn't have to be hard, but when it is, they'll show you a no frills version of life on the road. Authenticity is key for them, they're as real as it gets. Since starting their journey in 2014 Craig and Aimee have worked with various companies and travel brands inspiring people around the world to pack their own bags and start their own adventure with their mantra in mind - 'Rule your own world!'.

First things first. Life for us hasn't always been a bunch of lols and good times.
This is Aimee in intensive care a few weeks after we met:


And this is Craig a week after our first holiday:

We met in June 2008 at Craig’s leaving do. He was leaving to travel the world. Yeah without me, I know- how selfish!
At that time, Aimee had cancer so she couldn't come with me- so selfish..
We met at a strange time.
A time when we weren’t expecting to meet anyone special. Never mind each other.

We both had so much going on in our lives, but effortlessly made time for each other. 

I asked Craig out on Skype in August 2008.

Aimee had the all clear from the big C a few months later - a monumental moment!

Then in December 2008 I flew out to Australia to see Craig  and travelled the East Coast together.

A week after I left Australia, Craig broke his neck in New Zealand so we sent his mum to go and get him.


Since Australia the pair of us caught the travel bug and always wanted to go on a MASSIVE adventure around the world.

We spent the next few years going on short trips here and there:


September 2014 - Kinging-It was born!


Since Kinging-It (which was actually thought up in January 2014) we have seen a big part of the world including America, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand (properly with no neck breaks!) We have also successfully managed to start our own clothing brand, YouTube Channel and viola.. this website!

We’re just little people from a small town in South Wales called Barry. We have big dreams and aspirations to make something of ourselves and let the world know what we’re doing!

We chose to make YouTube videos to show people what's out there. We want our videos to inspire others to travel too. You never know what's going to happen. We are blessed that we are healthy enough to do it <3

SO, now that we're best friends you can ask us ANYTHING you want, Just drop us a message below!
Thanks for visiting you beaut,
Craig & Aimee <3

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