OK, I’m writing this is Dec 2017 – whatever blog posts you’ve read which says things like, ‘you need to ask a local fisherman to take you in his boat’ or ‘it is illegal to swim over, you are not allowed’ – this is all BS.
To get there all you need to do it go to Benagil Beach, located in Lagoa.
These are the best ways to get over from there -

Benagil Caves


Swim It!
The best way we’d suggest if you want to go over for a quick browse, is to swim – its about 200 meters around a rock cliff to the cave from Benagil Beach – it will take you around 5-10 minutes to swim over. Obviously only do this if you’re a good swimmer with a speedo bathing suit and red floral swim cap.
Remember if the tide/ current is too strong perhaps don’t try that day. The sea can be dangerous and we don’t want you drown shouting Kinging-it told me I could.



SUP board It!
(Wouldn’t recommend as it’s expensive! But if it’s a must..)

There is a stand on the beach owed by ‘Tarugatours’ that rent out SUP boards. We had to rent one for €25 which is OUTRAGOUS! But we had a bunch of expensive equipment to take over with us and didn’t want to trust a lilo not to get it all wet!



Lilo it!
Grab yourself a gorgeous pink holographic lilo or a swan and take a leisurely swim over with it! This is probably the best option all round, it’s not too strenuous and you can take you time checking out the rest of the grottoes along the coastline.

To look from above
There is a car park just above the beach (follow the road up from the beach, it’s just on the left) and follow the signs to get there. Takes about 5 minutes! The hole is cordoned off by a wooden fence but we snuck under it. BE CAREFUL OKAY!

One of the most amazing places we've ever photographed! It really is worth the look inside and out! Don't just lay on the beach getting mahogany - have a look about there is loads to do and see - click here for our full list.

Peace and Love!