If we had a pound for every time our mates have said, 'oh wow! I didn't know that was in Portugal' we'd be the richest bitches in town!
The Algarve has some of the best kept secrets, off the beaten track, you just need to know how to find these little hidden gems! Some of our faves...

Benagil Cave  

'The natural temple'

Guys.. if you’re heading to the Algarve, or even just Portugal, try and make some time for this incredible spot - but maybe it’s just because we wanted to use the hashtag #InstagramGoals that we’re recommending it? if you like natural rock formations, stunning large attractions and sea caves - come on down!

SO here is the deal - the cave is located about 200meters across the sea from the Praia de Benagil Beach. It’s just around the corner basically.
Easiest way to get there is by swimming! YOU ARE ALLOWED contrary to other bog posts - Just swim around! Take you around 5-10mins, just make sure the weather is ok, and the waves aren’t too choppy. Or you will die.

Full details on how to find and get to Benagil Cave, click here.

Cost: FREE (or €25 if you’ve been burgled)
Location: Lagos - Praia de Benagil Beach
Company:  Don't use one - take your own two feet and heart beat.

(Visiting the Benagil Caves? It’s close to: Praia Da Camilo beach, Lagos Town, Algar Seco and Caveorerio town)

Algar Seco

Or alba seco as Craig calls it because he’s a muppet.
Algar Seco is a Stunning cliff coastal walk with Breathtaking views of the amazing dusty red rock formations and LOADS of secret natural rock pools that you can swim in. Basically you’re on mars.

The Game of thrones-esque cliff walk is INSANE, amazing rock formations, beautiful WKD blue water and just a fish throw away from Carvoeiro Town.
The rocks and patterns are a result of erosion due to rainwater and it has the coolest little windows and archways to the sea!
If you find the right spot, you can even go cliff jumping. The rocks are a bit up and down so take plenty of water. It is marked into sections and you could spend hours exploring it! So take your ugly but comfy shoes.

Cost: FREE
Location: Just type in Algarve Seco of your phone or Sat Nav.
Otherwise its around 750 meters from Carvoeiro Town.

(Visiting Algarve Seco? It’s close to: Lagos, Benagil Caves and Caveorerio town - so maybe pop there for a paella and lemon fanta after)

Pego Do Inferno Waterfall

This little hidden gem is found in the middle of a bunch of orange tree farms! You have to drive to a parking lot, then walk a little bit to get there. But the walk isn’t far or strenuous, but perhaps a little hard for anyone older as the hill down is quite steep - but it depends which way you go. 10 -15 mins max. (tip - walk passed the wall with graffiti)

It’s got a rope swing - do I need to say anymore?!
Craig was like a kid of crack when he saw it!
It’s a magical little oasis in the middle of the hot and dry farms surrounding it.

We visited Pego Do Inferno in November and the water was pretty chilly, but really refreshing! There was one family there when we went, so not busy, but trip advisor says otherwise for the high seasons.
The ground around is very uneven also, so finding space to sit and relax is probably a no go, as there are many trees also it’s kind of hard to sunbathe!

So if you’re going - it’s to jump off the rocks or wade into the glorious green waters of the waterfall. Go on, have a dip. It’s bloody gorgeous.

Cost: FREE
Location: Just write Pego Do Inferno into your sat Nav. It’s 32 mins passed Faro to the right.

Going to Pego do Inferno? It’s caround 30 mins away from Faro (airport district) and around an 18min drive to the port where you can get a boat over to Tavira Island (we didn’t get to do this, but recommend it for you if you have time!)

For more photos check out our instagram - @wearekingingit

Ponta da Piedade

With its magical rocky steps down to the sea, it’s hard not to fall in love with this place. It’s hard to describe what it is, but it’s just a bit of a sight to see really - a natural feature of the Algarve. Take a little walk around it and be surrounded by giant rocks and view points to the crystal blue sea.

There is one boat tour company that works from this sight - so a boat tour from there will cost €15 for 30-45 minutes pp, Which will take you around the coastline, dotting in and out of the caves and archways on little motor boats. Really nice to have your own boat with your love. The boats are always waiting around the docking area. No need to book ahead. INSTA CENTRAL.

Cost: FREE unless you get a boat tour, so take €15
Location: 10 min drive from Lagos - just pop ‘ Ponta da Piedade’ into your sat nav and it will take you straight there.

(Ponta de Piedade is close to: Lagos, Algar Seco Praia Da Camilo, Benagil Cave, Caveorerio town. Perhaps make it a day trip)

Other top spots!

Other really beautiful places we didn't manage to visit were:

Tavira - An ancient town which has retained its character.
Ria Formosa Natural Park - A beautiful lagoon and a protected area of the Algarve.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to get proper mahogany on the beach and explore the old towns and secrets the Algarve has to offer! We cannot wait to visit Portugal again, we couldn't believe it was basically on our doorstep and we'd never been! Defo a fave of ours now!

Peace and Love.