There is basically a beach for every single tourist that goes to the Algarve because of their forever changing lime/sand stone coastline, making new little crevices and secret beaches everyday.
We visited a fair few beaches along the Algarve and came up with our top three favourites that we think you should visit if you find yourself in Southern Portugal- along with pros and cons of each beach and what they're close to so you can plan after ya sunbathe - just to prepare you, because we're nice like that.

We have chosen these beaches because they all offer a little something extra than sand and sea!
All beaches offer boat trips right on site, but bring your own brollies, snorkels and fins and don’t sit too close to the cliffs/rocks, due to fall. Just saved ya life mate.
In no particular order...

Top Three Beaches-

  1. Praia do Camilo
  2. Praia da Marinha
  3. Carvoeiro beach

    (We wanted to put in Benagil beach because of the cave but it's the cave we love not the beach!)

Praia Do Camilo


Praia Do Camilo

Spectacular little beach with redish sands, hugged by glorious steep cliffs with 200 wooden steps down (it’s not THAT much, don’t be put off - it does take a few weeks to get back up them though) This beach has another special little feature - a tunnel running through the cliff to another beach! In the Algarve, there is probably a private beach for everyone that visits! So many little beaches been carved out of the coastline - so just go find your own!


  • The beach is surrounded by huge sand and limestone cliffs - so early on around 1pm - the sun starts to disappear and will be totally gone by around 3pm - so definitely go in the AM!! - If you find yourself freezing in the shade - you could move on to Ponta da Piedade (see above) which is located just three minutes away or for a spot of shopping and food in Lagos town, just a 10 minute drive away. (Or just move up the coast to catch the sun!)
  • High tide = Smaller beach - therefore it may be packed during high season however, because of the steps and lack of sunshine in the afternoon this does control the number of people visiting this beach = so you might be okay!

Praia do Camilo is around a 30 minute WALK from the centre of Lagos, so perhaps be a bus wanker - or drive if you’ve taken our advice!

Praia Da Marina

Marina Beach

Praia Da Marina

Or otherwise known as the one with the ‘wall that fell down’.
There is another little trek down to this beach! - You actually access it via another beach and walk along the coast - they’re literally next to each other, so once you’ve reached the first beach, it’s like a 16 second walk to Praia da Marina.

A much bigger beach than Praia Do Camilo, and probably one of the best looking beaches i’ve ever seen. It really is emotional man! We just couldn’t get over the colour of the sea against the huge white, sculpted cliffs that bordered it. No wonder it has been voted one of the top 100 beaches in the world. (Should be top 10 in my eyes!)

All these beaches are natural and have taken shape with just the magical powers of mother nature - I think thats what blows my mind the most. No make-up - NOTHING!
The waves come crashing against the lower rocks near the bit that has fallen down. And if you grab a snorkel and some fins on a good day - the sealife and coral are suppose to be fantastic around the coastline.
There is also a viewpoint here 5 mins away from the starting point down to the beach if you fancy that. 


  • The waves are a bit stonger over here, so be careful with your sprogs
  • There is a beach bar on the first beach (but it’s expensive, bring your own nosh)
  • Free parking
  • When the tide comes in the beach gets a lot smaller

Carvoeiro beach

Carvoeiro beach

Carvoeiro beach

What makes Carvoeiro beach stand out to me, is the backdrop. So flipping picturesque!! It’s sat right in front of Carvoeiro town - with it’s native white washed walls, terracotta rooftops and fishermen’s houses, it’s a glorious space to watch the sun go down.

Its a much bigger beach than Marina or Camilo so no need to fist fight for your patch of sand. (And there are no steps to tackle)
You can hire jet skis and there are toilet and showers available.

When you’re done, just walk into the local town, chuck the kids in a tuktuk and have a knees up.


  • The beach tends to get very busy in peak season
  • There isn’t too much shade
  • The sand is quite rough with crushed shells
  • Lounge beds can be expensive and limited
  • Sea can be rough

So there you have it! Don't be coming at us now yelling these beaches are whack - if you've got better ones we should all go to, leave a comment below and we'll check them out next year when we go back for a wedding! (whoop can't wait!) These are just the little gems we liked and would recommend.

Now you've got your beaches sorted - you'll need to know what other activities there is to do around the Algarve - we've got you covered brother, just click here.

Peace and Love.