On our travels we spent a fair amount of time in Thailand and it's safe to say that it was one of the most incredible places we went to.
If you've ever been curious about this magical country, these photos should clear up any pondering thoughts and make you want to book your flight tomorrow. Just don't use your nan's credit card. 


Without a doubt the best city we've been to on all of our travels. We only spent a hand full of days here but Bangkok won us over, it's endless; markets, the food, the people, the business, the bargains and the tuk tuk rides. It's a buzz of smells, excitement and endless adventures. This photo was taken on top of the famous Sky Bar. The views up here are untouchable. If you're a big foodie, or a big shopper then Chatuchuk weekend market will fulfill your wildest dreams. It's the biggest market in the world and once the day market finishes there is a night market next door which is just as big. 

The Boat Trips

One of the most relaxing and unreal things we did was hire a boat for a day in Koh Phi Phi. Our driver took us around to the classic spots, Maya Bay, Monkey Island and a few little secluded beaches. The best part is one of the lagoons, you pull in and it's enclosed by giant cliffs, has the most still turquoise water we'd ever seen and you get to dive off the boat and swim about - pure bliss!

Koh Nang Yuan

This place speaks for itself. When you type in Thailand this is usually one of the iconic photos that shows up. Koh Nang Yuan is bad ass. It's a short boat ride off the island of Koh Tao and it costs £4 per person to visit for the day. Here you can snorkel, scuba dive, eat, drink, walk to the top (where this photo was taken) and just breath it all in. As soon as you pull up you'll be smiling it's just class!

The Fire Shows

When you're sipping on a cocktail or a 50p beer, there is nothing cooler than smelling kerosene and feeling the burn of a massive fire ball on your skin. On most of the islands there was epic fire shows, mainly young lads who have been practising for hundreds of hours, spinning sticks, balls on chains, nunchucks and all sorts of crazy contraptions. Of all the fire shows we watched, this one of Koh Phi Phi was our favourite, it was at a bar called Carlitos and these boys had rude fire breathing skills! I even got dragged up to show off my skills, of course I ousted the fire with my blazing fast speed...

The Sunrises

If you're an early bird and lay off the booze for a few nights of your trip, wherever you are in the country there will always be a sensational sunrise. This photo was shot at a cute little homestay called The Hidden Holiday House in Nakhon Pathom, about 1.5 hours from Kanchanuburi. The place is right on the Tha Chin River, and the hosts Chris and Areeya are the kindest people. Areeya cooked us the most delicious banana pancakes and Thai currys we had on our whole stay in Thailand, and we had a boat ride down the river to watch stalks flying all around us - what a time to be alive!

The Sunsets

If you're not an early bird then the sunsets are just as mesmerising. This was taken on Koh Phangan the day after the full moon party. There is nothing better for a hangover than chilling on a secluded beach and watching the clouds and the sun putting on a show. 

The Landscapes

The visuals you will encounter when you see this place will blow your kegs off. The huge limestone cliffs at Maya Bay will make you feel tiny and you'll probably find you'll have a sore neck after your first day floating around this place. We didn't do it but Thailand is supposed to be one of the best places in the world to do some outdoor climbing, and judging by these cliffs you can see why.. When we go back we'll definitely be getting involved!

The Thai Boxing

If you're keen to emerge yourself in an intense night of Thai Boxing, then make sure you don't end up watching a bunch of backpackers beating the shit out of each other up for a bucket of vodka redbull- go to an official event! This one was in Ko Samui, the atmosphere was electric, the fighters were going for it and the crowd was mainly Thai. We were so close to the stage that you could almost smell the sweat and tears!

The People

The Thai people are some of the most welcoming, friendly and wonderful humans in South East Asia. We met this little cutey at a temple in Kanchanaburi. She saw Craig taking photos and wanted her own photo taken. Her family loved it so much so we took their email and sent it over to them. Everywhere you go, as long as you are respectful and make an effort to say the basics in Thai, you will be overwhelmed by the hospitality of this nation of champions. 

The Culture

Thailand has one of the richest and most interesting cultures in the world. The main religion practised in Thailand is Buddhism, you will be encapsulated by the giant golden stupas and Buddhist architecture, the temples and the peaceful serenity of the Thai People. One of the main teachings in Buddhism is that everything is changing and life is like a river. That's pretty deep but so spot on. I guess this is why the Thai people are so tolerable of the westerners visiting (and sometimes taking advantage) their enveloping country. So if you're going to visit temples, don't be a dick, cover up and pipe down - you might learn something!
That said when you visit you will probably have the best time of your life. It's nothing short of fascinating, the views are outrageous, the food is delicious, seriously, the food is one of the best parts it's just so tasty!

Peace & Love

Craig & Aimee <3