We all want to go to Thailand. Why wouldn’t you? 20p baguettes, cheapo nikes and basically no rules - get insurance yeh.

Ask any traveller and 9 times out of 10 I bet they say Thailand is a winner or even their favourite stops. From the vibrant loud streets of Bangkok bursting with traditional Thai food, the illuminous, warm aqua coloured waters of the Thai islands and the relaxed culture and meditation temples next to the greenest luscious fields - there is something to suit all.

But Thailand can also be really daunting and overwhelming, especially if it’s one of your first stops! So we’ve put together a little video of our top 5 things to do in Thailand - we’re giving you the heads up. These are 5 things and places we enjoyed the most when we went:

Before you book your flights you're going to need some Kinging-It clobber to get you on your way and looking more dapper than the other travellers!