Bangkok is bloody mental mate!! But the good kind of mental!
I’m a girl. I love shopping, bargains and cheap fake Mac make-up -  Let’s hit up Thailand’s capital bro! I’m going to put it out there.. it’s one of my favourite places in the whole world. You can just get lost there - again, in a good way.

So we landed, got hounded for a taxi at the airport but headed to the second floor for a ‘good price, good price’ taxi and made our way to 'The River’ - our super wicked 34 floor story, spacious 1200square foot luxury apartment overlooking the Chao Praya River, costing around £15pp per night for four people.  For what we got this was insanely cheap. The luxury, pimpingness and breath-taking views we had, a sheer bargain mate. Plus it does have one of those infinity rooftop pools doh). 
We found it on AirBnB (best website we’ve ever come across. For £24 off your first AirBnB stay - click here
Be rude not to really.

The taxi took us right to the door of the plush apartment tower and it felt more like we were in an expensive part of Dubai than a third world country.

There was a lovely welcome from a smiley Thai geezer dressed to the nines in his smart uniform, what a gem.



Day one of the madness!
We were feeling cultural so headed for the Grand Palace. On arrival a gentleman suggested we wouldn’t get in because of our tattoos and lack of clothing, we saw lots of people coming out dressed as slutty as we were so ignored him and headed for the entrance. He then mentioned that is was closed for the hour as the people inside were eating and praying and conveniently he had lady in a tuk tuk that could take around Bangkok for the hour until it re-opened. Total bullshit but we bought into it! Fair do’s to the Thai Del boy he pulled the wool over our eyes! And we were totally grateful to the little sneak. We ended up in about 30 different suit shops and jewellery shops where we were told to, ‘just go in and look interested’. Turns our by doing this, the guy gets petrol tokens. So we did our bit and headed back.

The Grand Palace is as grand as they get! Laced with gold and sparkle it is a great representation of Thailand’s art and culture. Del boy was right about one thing though, we were sent to a ‘clothing’ section of the Palace where we were given some hand me downs to put on and cover up. We had to cover our arms and legs - something us westerners don’t think about in the 35 degree heat.

I have to admit our time spent in Bangkok was broken up by nearly 3 weeks on the Thai islands. But when we came back to Bangkok - this is how it went.


We flew from Koh Samui back to Bangkok, looking like bronzed goddesses after 3 weeks island hopping.

We met up with our friends Hannah and Owen from back home. It was amazing, and not just because they had booked us in to the banging 4.5 star Aetas Lumpini Hotel - get in. After 3 weeks in some smelly bed-bug-ridden hostels (not all of them, some were actually really nice) it was amazing to have a good scrub in a tub. 

We got settled in and decided to go to Khao San Road - basically the centre of the backpacking world. We jumped on a boat down the Chao Praya River costing around 50baht - like basically free.

There is a real happy atmosphere there with all kinds of travellers from all over the world making a pit stop to make some buddies and get good n’drunk. There are bars, hotels, street performers, entertainment and most important - cheap street shopping and food.

After chowing down on a dusty grasshopper and paying 10baht to photograph it we headed for some food and a trip to the sky bar.

The Lebua Sky Bar is located on he 64th floor - its the rooftop one off the Hangover 2. There is a lot of rules up there, like what to wear and where and when you can take pictures plus it is always busy but it’s got brilliant views of the city, live performers and wonderful cocktails.

IMG_2406 copy.jpg



I’ve saved the best until last - Chatuchak Weekend Markets. If your universe revolves around amazing coffee, cake, vintage 50p clothes and once in a life time finds - this is your playground. The biggest market in the world split into little labyrinth type mazes of over 15,000 stalls.


We had a ball trying to find our way around it all! And came out with a monthly British Salary’s worth of gear for around 4 quid. With market street performers and brilliant authentic Thai food stalls you just cannot go wrong. You could easily spend 3-4 months trolling through everything (but remember only open on the weekends!) After this we headed back to our room and ordered a McDonalds for delivery. Oops.

We then decided to hit up another roof top bar. Zoom Bar. Not as fast as it seems, in fact pretty chilled and all round lovely. The waiter showed us to a table with sofas and took our orders. We had table service and when we got there it was happy hour - winning. We’ll take 20. Each.

It was another fabulous cocktail bar with lovely views of the city.

All in all Bangkok is the bees knees really. It’s so big it will always leave you wanting to come back for more adventures. Around every street corner is another surprise. It can be fast paced and in your face and Thailand it’s self is pretty far from the western way of life, it’s a big cultural shock but as soon as you get used to it, it’s a good kind of madness. Full of culture, art and authentic food but don’t get too worried, there is still a Starbucks and MacD's if you feel too far out of your comfort zone.

For the video version, check these bad boys out:

Peace and Love
Aimee and Craig x <3