After visiting Cebu we made our way over to a beautiful island called Bohol. We were told tales of chocolate hills, tiny tarsiers and some of the best boat tours in the PH. We were not let down!

Virgin Island

Virgin Island

Things to know

Population - 1.2 Million
Typical Transport - Tricycle/Scooter/Taxi
ATM - There are plenty of ATM's in Bohol in Tagbilaran and a few in Panglao but if you venture up north make sure you take money!
Closest Airport -  Tagbaliran or Panglao International

How to Get to Bohol

There are two ways of getting to Bohol depending on where you're coming from.

1. There are two airports in Bohol, one in Tagbilaran and a brand new one in Panglao (the little island connected at the bottom of Bohol) which is opening in August 2018. You can book flights with Air Asia through Skyscanner or you can check out Cebu Pacific Airlines for cheap flights from Manila, Palawan or wherever you're coming from! 

2. We headed to Bohol from Cebu so it was a quick boat ride from there. We bought the tickets on the day from the main ticketing office (terminal one) in Cebu where boats to Tagbilaran leave every hour or so starting from 6am (urgh!) It cost 500 PHP (£7) each to go inside the boat with air con or 400PHP (£5.60) to go on deck with no air con. You then pay a 'terminal fee' of 25PHP (25p) per person and 50PHP (70p) per bag to the porters to lug them onto the boat. The boat takes about 2 hours. To watch us on that very boat click here.

Getting Around

As an island Bohol is pretty big but you can do the whole thing on a scooter if you're feeling extra fruity. You can rent a scooter for about £5-7/300-400 Pesos per day depending on your bartering skills. Or if that's not something you want to do, then like every place in the PH you can get around by tricycle which is super cheap about 50pesos per (short) journey



What to do?

The most obvious option of things to do in Bohol is visit the chocolate hills, the tarsiers and the man made forrest. We DEFINITELY recommend doing all of them but this is basically one day out on a scooter (or you can pay a minivan driver to taxi you around). This was a bloody brilliant day out for us, even though we got caught in the rain for some of it the ride through Bohol was a sensory overload; smiling Filipinos lining the streets, fire in every garden, huge rice paddies and water buffalos, lush green everything - it was a magic day! 

You can also see the Hinagdanan cave (located in Panglao) which is underground with super clear water which you can swim in!

Hinagdanan cave

Hinagdanan cave

By far our favourite day on our entire Philippines trip was our turtle and dolphin boat tour with locals from Pamilacan Island. The website is dodgy AF bless them but their tours are absolutely sensational! We saw about 300 dolphins and we were the only boat on the water. We did some of the best snorkelling of our lives, swam with turtles and met the lovely people who live in Pamilacan island year round. Mr. Jojo the owner is a true gent and he'll pick you up from wherever you're staying in Bohol and take you to the dock in the morning. 

Another 10/10 day we had was when we explored the Loboc River on stand up paddle boards - MAD SCENES MATE! We went with SUP Tours Philippines and we did the waterfall SUP tour. Our guide was a legend and the owner Frederic is a legend. He did give us a discount so this might work?! KINGINGIT0120@ - type it in the 'other info' on the booking form and you might get a free orange or summin.. 

Another top spot we found was a waterfall called Mag-Aso Falls which was a top waterfall and swimming spot.

Where to Stay?

When we first arrived in Bohol we stayed in the Staylite park bed and breakfast for £11 a night! Not too shabby. It was pretty much central in Tagbilaran city. But there are lots of cheap stays in the main part of the island. If you're feeling flush and you want a break from the cheaper gaffs then we stayed in The Bellevue Resort which was next level posh, not too sure what we were doing there! It had a wicked infinity pool and the breakfast buffet is for kings. 

The Bellevue Resort Bohol

The Bellevue Resort Bohol

So there it is in a nutshell - a quick guide to Bohol! If you're thinking of adding this incredible island into your trip then DO IT.

Watch our Bohol Videos here.

Bellevue Resort Bohol

Deluxe Ocean View

The Bellevue Resort, Bohol


Queen Room

Staylite Park Bed & Breakfast