Getting Around Manila

When you land at Ninoy Aquino Airport you're going to need to get to your hotel or hostel. There are lots of ways of getting around Manila so here is the list of the most useful. Before you leave the airport, you can jump on the free Wifi to order yourself a Grab Taxi or an Uber

Grab Taxi

The cheapest and easiest way to get around Manila is using a Grab Taxi. It's the Filipino version of Uber and it's super cheap. To get from one side of the city to the other it only costs about £2-3 /200 Pesos but for short rides you're looking at £1/50 Pesos!! How good is that? That being said even though it's convenient it's not the cheapest. 


Similar to Grab and maybe more familiar to most you can actually get an Uber ride in Manila and in a few other cities in the PH. Prices are usually slightly higher than Grab prices but check both because sometimes Uber comes out cheaper. 

Bike Taxi

Another fun and cheap way to get around the city is by Bike Taxi. It's essentially a BMX with a side cabin that you sit in and get pedalled around. Expect to pay a lot less than a taxi, Grab or Uber but that's because it might take twice as long for longer distances, but you do get to experience it all with an open side cabin! You'll find the super friendly bike taxi guys dotted all over the city, just make sure you agree a price and you know where you're going before you get in. 

Aimee with the Bike Taxi guys outside our hotel - nicest guys ever!

Aimee with the Bike Taxi guys outside our hotel - nicest guys ever!

Bike Taxi, Manila

Bike Taxi, Manila


The cheapest way to get around is on the famous Jeepneys; and average ride around the city will cost you about 15p or If you've never seen one of these bad boys before they are everywhere in the Philippines and are a huge part of their culture. A lot of these crazy machines were originally U.S. Military jeeps that were left in after World War II, now they serve as local transport and come in all shapes, sizes and designs. They make for banging pictures too! 

Jeepney Manila


The other option if you don't have any Wifi or data is to flag down a street taxi. Before you get in it make sure the taxi has a meter, you don't want to be ripped off on your first ride! Prices should be similar to or slightly more than an Uber or a Grab taxi. 

Manila Train (LRT)

If you're feeling more adventurous you can jump on the train or the Manila Light Rail Transit System (LRT). We never road the train because taxis were so cheap but you can get a single journey on the LRT for around 25p/20 Pesos. The great thing about the LRT is that you skip the crazy Manila traffic so bare that in mind when you want to travel at peak times. One time we got stuck in a mile of traffic for about 45 minutes. Tamping. 

LRT Manila


One of the best ways to see any city is to use your own pins, you get to see things you'd never see if you were in a taxi, you can stop in any shop you want, meet the locals and just experience it all with all your senses, although sometimes you might be holding your nose! All in all, navigating and getting around Manila is pretty easy. One thing we would suggest is getting a Filipino sim card with date as soon as you arrive. We didn't get one until we got to Borocay but it was so helpful when getting about. Make sure you phone is unlocked when you leave for your trip so it'll be easier to set up your new Filipino number. It's also really helpful when trying to arrange tours or if you have freinds that you want to meet up with.

Aimee walking around Intramuros (she hates walking)

Aimee walking around Intramuros (she hates walking)

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