Never heard of Tromsø? Us neither! Now we cannot recommend it highly enough!
Get yourself a ticket to Norway ASAP!!
So, we can best describe it as one of Santa’s hometowns.
We landed in the little magical, wintery wonderland in January 2018 with our snow boots strapped on (well I did, Craig was ‘too cool’ to wear them) freezing our little balls off. I was told I wouldn’t be in a relationship anymore if I kept on saying, ‘It’s so cold’ but seriously - it was so cold.

We were so super excited to take the trip of a lifetime! We had thoroughly planned this trip (contrary to most) and could not wait to experience the best things Tromsø had to offer.
We were blown away.

Things to know

Population – 74.5k
Transport – Buses/ Taxis/ Car Rentals
Closest Airport – Tromso Airport, Langnes (8 min drive to Tromso centre)
Language – Most people speak English as well as Norwegian
Currency – Norwegian krone (NOK) £1 = approx 11nok. (Jan 18)

Getting around

You will read around 1.5million trip advisor posts telling you you cannot drive a car in and around Tromsø because the snow is too much, you’ll skid and die if your not a professional driver or used to driving on snow.


Now we like to call ourselves adventurers and risk takers, but this was not risky business at all. We rented a car with SIXT, which came fully loaded with heated seats and studded tyres – it’s illegal if you don’t have them. We had absolutely no problems Tokyo drifting along the roads, we only came into problems when we tried to drive over the snow – can we get a push plz.

Most people will stay in the centre of Tromsø with their hotel as their main hub, and will only venture out of town when doing activities and the companies buses will pick you up. This is fine if you are Arabian billionaire, however me and Craig had to do things a bit differently and we wanted the freedom to explore ourselves. So we really do recommend getting a car, just be cautious.

Rental for the week: £250 for one week – medium economy car.

Things to do

Well.. aren’t you in for a treat!
You will be spoilt for choice for activities to do in and around Tromso – the majority of things are a little outside of Tromso – but it’s kind of the main hub where everyone starts and tour companies pick you up from.

One of our favourite days to date was getting to meet over 200 of the friendliest, gorgeous but hungry reindeers! We LOVE animals and Tromso has it all! Not to mention seeing humpback and Orca whales (I know right, absolutely crying) and cuddling over 300 huskies (ok we didn't get round them to hug them all) Tromso is absolutely jammed packed with activities and experiences including meeting a local Sami tribe. They are so lovely and have such a fabulous story to tell, definitely worth a visit!
To see our full list of activities click here.

Where to stay

We try to steer people away from staying in a standard hotel when your off on your' olidayz. (budget depending doh obvs) it's just so much more fun!
We tent to use AirBnb quite a lot to keep things cheap but we love to go looking for really unique places to stay - it's an activity in itself then! Sometimes it's SO cool you won't want to even leave the house/treehouse/aeroplane/wooden fire lodge in the middle of the jungle.

We found some of the most crazy and unique places to stay in Tromso! Our top corkers were the amazing three story boat house, Volda Floating Home and a brilliantly shaped circular aurora Dome, located far enough away from Tromso centre that you have the feeling of wilderness and access to some of the most spectacular natural aurora shows.
For our full list of unique accommodations click here.


Ok so it's no secret that Norway is a little pricey. You probably will have to smash your piggy bank for this trip! But it's well worth the splash out- trust us!
So to put things into perspective, we've saved a few prices from things we bought. We never actually went out for a meal in Tromso - we always used the local supermarket (Eurospar) and tried to find things for a pound - and just bought them (as long as they were edible!)
However, we did get a bit excited one day and bought two salad pots, to then find out they cost us £18. We were robbed and had to remortgage the house.

A bottle of coke - 29.3 nok (£2.20)
A beer - 68 nok (£6.20, also wasn't a full pint)
Big bag of doritos - 50 nok (£4.50)
Petrol - 13.9litre (£1.27p Litre)

Cheapest hotel we could find was the St-Elisabeth hotel in Tromso and it was £81per night. (We were unaware you also have to pay for parking which was a whopping £22 for the night - so perhaps it doesn't work out to be the cheapest!!)

AirBnb's can vary from around £50per night.
Make sure you use this link to get £25 off your first booking!
You're welcome :)

So that is Tromso in a nutshell! Any questions guys - give us a shout on Facebook or an e-mail - - There might be something CRUCIAL we've missed!

I hope this give you a better insight to what Tromso is like all round! Tromso literally has it all going for it! If you have the chance to go - grab it with both hands! It is now up there as one of our favourite places!! Tromso, it's been flippin wicked.

Peace and Love x