One of the most exciting things about travelling (we think) is choosing a place to stay - however, these days, it's more like, finding a place to stay! We love to dig deep into the internet and really search around for the secret places that your average person wouldn't find.
Why would you choose to stay in a standard, overpriced, normal hotel room when you can look further afield and find a little hidden gem to make you truly experience the culture and make your holiday one to remember!?

Remember though, Norway is above average on prices - so this trip really was once in a lifetime!

Tips to finding the most secret spots!

People often ask how we find all these little beauties - well it's no secret, my best tips are:

I usually start by typing into google - 'unusual or unique places to stay in Tromso' (or insert destination) and work around that.
Then i'll type a destination into Instagram, have a look through the top pages for that country and see if anything stands out!
Pinterest is always a good one - I just type into the search bar, 'country' and 'accommodation' and see what comes up!
I also scroll through lots of websites that offer activities as sometimes they offer really cool accommodation too!
I use lots of different websites to find cool spots, two of my faves are and

Our Fave spots in and around Tromso

We managed to bag ourselves some beauties on this trip! And we met SO many new friends from it! So in order of stay -

North-tour Luxury Arctic Tent

Your luxury heated tent comes fully equipped with a kingsize bed and is found in the most unreal, fairytale setting. It was just a blanket of white when we turned up, hidden in the little valley, surrounded by snow capped beasty mountains. Pretty spectacular stuff!
There is a central wooden hut for all guests to come together and make some friends (if you're not antisocial like me and Craig!)
The tents have panoramic windows with the beds underneath them for you to witness the aurora borealis in all of its glory! Unfortunately the weather wasn't playing ball when we came to stay and we didn't get to see it, but the pictures they have of it are incredible! All fingers crossed! Pricey but worth saving for - I mean money can't buy that backdrop..

Company name: North Tour
Find it here:
Price: £503 for two people per night.

Volda Floating Home (Houseboat)

Volda Floating Home, Tromsø

Now this little beauty of a houseboat, was even too secret for us to find! Our friend who we renamed Clark Kent (real name Kent, but he saved our car from the snow) actually rang his friend, Casper, who owns this boat and let him know we were in town! Casper then invited us to stay for the night, which was amazing because we're super shit last minute accommodation bookers, haha and we had no where to stay that night! (we're rebels what can I say, it always works out, live a little!)

The boat was absolutely beautiful, and HUGE! Bought for around £35,000 (which is an absolute steal) they've decked it out to complete perfection! Yes, it's fully usable too! It moves!! And at the right time of year, they even have Orcas that come visit them and swim around the boat. How flippin gorgeous!

You can find this beauty on AirBnb - tell ALL your mates about it because it can sleep up for 14 people!!

Company name: Volda Floating Home
Find it here: AirBnb remember to use our link to get £25 off your first stay! Click here to claim.
Price: Prices vary depending on how many people stay.

Traditional Sami Lavvu

It doesn't get much more off the beaten track than this! You will spend the night in the beautiful wilderness but you'll be as snug as a bug in a rug! The fab Sami people have lived in Lavvus for hundreds of years (I'd have the reindeer in with us if i was a Sami - spoon me) and the floor has firstly, layers of twigs and sticks, then it has a few layers of reindeer fur (I nearly cried but this IS traditional for Sami people and I didn't want to disrespect them so I just pretended it was fake.)
There is, what they call an 'oven' inside to keep you warm - a log burner which gives of a glorious orange light and wooden smell (bring your old clothes!)  The hand built lavvu is far enough away from the artificial lights of the town that it is a perfect spot to watch the magical, dancing, green aurora. 

Company name: Sami Adventures
Find it here:
Price: Prices vary from around £470 for two people

So that's all the places we managed to fit in! These are the others we found but didn't have time or weather didn't permit at the time (read the reviews because we can't recommend them!):

Aurora Dome 
Little Red House 
Tromso Camping
Tromso Ice Domes - only for the rich and famous (1k per night OOOSHHH)
Campervans - Arctic Campers
                       Campervan Norway
                       Take me Away Campers

But wherever you stay i'm sure your trip will be bloomin fantastic even if you sleep on the streets (which are heated in Tromso!) 
Tromso is a true champion for offering us so much, what a kind guy. Thanks for the memories.

Peace and Love x