Oh, you're off to Tromso isit mate?
FABULOUS! What a place man!!
So we did a few bloody brilliant activities when we went (Jan 18) - we actually didn't have time to fit in everything we wanted to do!
There are lots of websites that host many different companies and their activities - we mainly used Tromsø Safari which is a brilliant way to get an overall look of what you'd like to do.


Our main tips for getting stuck into Tromsø's tourism is to wrap up SUPER warm!
Bring all the thermals you own, hand warmers, Kinging-It bobble hats ETC!
You don't want your trip to be spoiled because you're freezing ya face off.
Also a good tip is to check the dates for the aurora too. The best period to experience the Northern Lights is from early September to early April.
We only had around 4 hours of sunlight PER DAY and we went from Jan 6th-13th.
Tromsø is absolutely bursting with insane, once in a lifetime activities for you to get excited about, here are a few we experienced:

Whale Watching tour

Jan 2018 the whales had moved from Tromsø further north to a place called Skjervoy, which is around 3.5hours away from Tromsø. But the bus ride (when it's light enough to see) is absolutely incredible- it will smack the chops right off you.

Distance from Tromso - 3.5 hours in a bus.
Company: Green gold of Norway - www.greengoldofnorway.com
Price: £175pp

Meet Sami People and their Reindeer!

Oh my actual Nan, how lush.
Getting to meet over 200 reindeers and feed them made me so unbelievably happy!
If you’re an animal lover this one is definitely for you! The Sami people are so welcoming and friendly; this was one of my favourite days in Tromsø for sure. There is a little hut you can go inside to warm up by the fire and get some tea or coffee and afterwards they invite you into a traditional gamme (the cosiest Sami wooden hut) where they prepare a traditional Sami meal – which is reindeer stew. Not for me thanks Clive, I’ll take the veggie option cheers.

Distance from Tromso - 25 minutes
Company: Tromso Arctic Reindeer - www.tromsoarcticreindeer.com
Price: £98pp 

Meet over 300 Huskies!

If you’re in need of some puppy loving – get yourself down to the Villmarkssentre and have a few snogs. Europe's leading dog sledding company, you can hear them before you see them! These gorgeous huskies are energetic, lively but best of all, the friendliest bunch you will ever meet! And there is over 300 of them!!
They’re a rowdy bunch and it’s like being in a reception classroom when the teacher asks for a volunteer – they are all busting to get out sledding! When a sled arrives back they all go berserk! It was so funny to watch! Then they all started howling. Oh what a ball we had.

Distance from Tromso – 25 minute drive.
Tour Company Villmarkssenter - www.villmarkssenter.no
Price -  £168pp for self driven sledding (day time)
            £86 for Aurora husky visit. (night time)

A True Sami experience

The only way to see (and feel) Tromsø in all its glory is by UTV!
Get yourself picked up in a buggy and chauffeured to a Sami village in style brother!
Yes it’s nippy on the old face but it’s such a brilliant way to be transported around the beautiful scenic fjords by real Sami peeps. (Who are bloody gorgeous by the way)

We arrived at the camp just as the sun began to give us light and were introduced to the most magical white creature – Gabbu. What a babe.
One of the reindeers got into a pen they weren’t suppose to be in so there was a MAD chase between reindeer and Sami man with a lasso!

The invited us into their traditional Lavvu and we really got to know them. They told us their story and how they’re a dying culture – so sad. To help them out, I may turn Sami. We ended the night by sleeping in one of their lavvus. The floor was lined with leaves and sticks, with reindeer fur on top for warmth and comfort. There was an ‘oven’ inside which we kept wishing we had a pizza for LAWL.

A fabulous experience, which you’d never even know about if you didn’t visit Tromso.

Distance from Tromso – 25 minute drive.
Tour Company Sami Adventure - www.samiadventure.com
Price - £110 to the reindeer interaction at Sami Village
            £240 for a night in the Lavvu tent (this is the price for two people)

Cable Car to the top of Tromso!

We couldn't leave Tromso without seeing it from a birds eye view! It's SO flippin pretty! (Be careful though, it will blow your weave off) The cable car, also known as Fjellheisen, takes about 1 minute to get to the top! It's very sturdy and smooth don't be worry about going up if you are!
There is a lovely coffee shop at the top too to warm up a bit!
You can also walk up and take the cable car down if you're a mad man and would find that enjoyable. Not for me ta.
The cars go up every 30 mins and you can stay until your heart's content (or until you need to catch your flight home)
The only problem we had was finding the place. As we rented a car, google maps wanted to take us up silly high roads and it was near impossible - best tip - follow the road signs!!

Distance from Tromso – 0 miles, it's in Tromso, just over the bridge!
Tour Company – Fjellheisen - www.fjellheisen.no/en/
Price - £17.50pp

A few other things we also had planned were:

  • An aurora camp experience through Tromso Safari
  • A Northern lights sailing tour with Pukka Travels
  • A night in an aurora dome with Sami Adventures -
    To see a full list of the unique places we stayed in in Tromso, click here.

I guess we just ran out of time!! Plus on some nights, the weather wasn’t playing ball and a few tours were cancelled. Please be very cautious of this when booking your trip. We would suggest to leave a few days between tours as if one is cancelled one night, you'll have a free night to book it back in again. The weather can be so shady!

So basically Tromso is now our favourite place. We did not stop smiling the whole time, it's not everyday you get to meet over 200 reindeers - it was so magic.
With so much to offer - it really is such a special trip! Ok, so it's a little bit pricey - get saving those pennies then my brother! Take your favourite person in the world to show them how much you love them - imagine how excited you'd be with this trip on your agenda!!

And let's not forget to say thank you to Tromso for having us.

Peace and Love x