As we’d been to New York before, and done all the sightseeing and touristy stuff a few years back - we decided to make this New York experience all about the food and local hidden hot spots. After all New York is known for it’s sloppy car bonnet sized pizzas, 6 storey meat sandwiches and cheese encrusted everything. And we’re happy to confirm we ate it ALL.


After watching ‘Neighbours’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman' on the 8 hour flight from London to JKF we were surprisingly pretty fresh, and happy to see the glorious sun shining in NYC.

We dropped our bags off at my Aunties house in Queens (where we were staying) and headed straight into the city. We had no plans for today - but Craig wanted some Nikes. After a long cat walk in the Nike store, we headed out in search of food and came across a small restaurant down a side street called ‘Burger Heaven’ - ummm, not so heavenly.

A short while after inhaling a chilli burger we thought we were set to explore the city - my stomach spoke otherwise. Our roaming was cut short and we made a quick dash home before Aimee shit herself. Fantastic first day.


Tuesday morning we had breakfast in a diner called Pete’s Grill, cool little family run diner around the corner from our place. If you ever go there, then order the eggs Benedict with american bacon - oh my days. Once we were fuelled we headed for Central Park so we could rent a boat on the lake. It cost $15 for about an hour and it was the perfect weather for it. So much for romantic - We both got a little travel sick. Word of advice, don’t row facing backward.

We scouted out a few places where we could take out our little helicopter to get some footage of the city from the skies. The day we were out Obama was in town and there were far too many NYPD helicopters floating about so we decided to stay off America’s most wanted list.

On our way back from Central park we got hungry, and inadvertently ended up finding an old favourite restaurant of ours called ‘Dishes’. The food there is outrageous - make sure you order the pumpkin soup if you ever go there.

We managed to get tickets for a New York Yankees Vs. Baltimore Orioles baseball game so we headed to the Bronx that evening. Apparently this game was a big deal as one of the Yankee veterans Derek Jeter was retiring after 20 years. The lines for food were huge so i ended up getting, literally, a helmet full of nachos and guacamole. it was so tasty for around 4 minutes then i felt sick as a dog, and we set them on the floor to the side still 3/4 full. Waste of money and a helmet, the Yankees lost and Jeter dude wasn’t all that.


On Wednesday we decided to rent bikes and ride over the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn to take a look around, thinking maybe we might bump into Biggie or someone..

The ride was hard! we nearly died and got lost an awful lot. New york is insane man, do not ride a bike in New York if you take any advice from this blog! You will get lost.. and die.

We stopped at a little shop called La Bagel Delight and instead of bagels (which we thought we were getting) we came out with breakfast lunch and diner for the next 3 days - it was huge! If you ever get there get the Philly Cheese Steak, it’s the size of your thigh and tastes like a dream.

 Halfway through the day Craig's foot was in a world of pain and we walked past a sign saying ‘Free foot appointment’, Aimee joked and said we should go, so we did. The doctor said Craig had ‘Plantar Fasciitis’ and offered him either a $80 needle in the foot or some $200 shoe insoles. We passed and he dragged his foot out of the surgery. He then had a daydream about the history of his feet and realised that he hadn’t worn anything but Vans for the past 8 years; it was the fucking Nikes. We dived into the nearest shop, he threw on a pair of Vans and the problem was solved, sort of. It still hurts but now it just feels right. The lesson here is, Nike 5.0’s are shit and dangerous.

That evening we went out for some food with Aunty Maggi, Aimee’s cousin Mark and Mark's girlfriend Lisa in a place called Sidetracks, an Irish Restaurant. Aimee and I both had the Fillet Mignon - it was melt in your mouth meat, real tasty stuff.


The last day in New York we set an alarm for 5am to get up and take the helicopter to Central Park before the sun came up. We were stoked to find that it was hammering down with rain, I think the last few days caught up with us and we definitely needed a lie in. We went back to Pete’s Grill then headed into the city to return Craig's shitbag Nikes then came home to pack for LAS VEGAS.