We spent 5 days in Vegas and loved every minute - Pools, UFC, Strip Clubs.. an adults playground!

Thursday Evening

The 5 hour flight from New York to Vegas went surprisingly quickly. We got a lot of editing done and managed to get some sleep in too. As soon as we stepped off the plane the heat hit us. I was wearing appropriate vegas attire - a bobble hat, but couldn’t take it off because of a greezy mullet lurking underneath. We could see the famous vegas strip from the air and couldn’t wait to get to the MGM Grand, set our bags down and have a look around! The shuttle took us straight to the hotel (first stop was ours, jammy!) we checked in and went up to our room. It was fab - nice big double bed, walk in shower, tv in the mirror in the bathroom - very cool! We headed straight out - we were starving! So basically headed to the first mexican place we saw - bad choice - queue rumbling bowels. Then - bed for us, all the travelling, excitement and undesirable needs for the toilet was too much for one night!


Friday morning we had breakfast in Starbucks in our hotel and headed for the Golden Nugget Hotel - which has the slide going through the shark tank.

It was awesome, the weather was amazing and we were on the second floor of the hotel.

It was a sectioned off part, with a private long swimming pool and you got to have your own waitress. I sent Craig down the slide first, because I’m a wimp when it comes to rides or slides, and i wanted to know what i was in for - anything dark, i just don’t believe i’ll come out the other side. We had the best pink cocktails around the pool and made a few 40 year old friends too. After i got bored (which I usually do - I hate sunbathing) we decided to go to the mob museum - which had small videos and artefacts from the gangs that ran ….. crimes in America in the 19… It was okay, there was a lot of reading and it was quite school-trip like - not too exciting, but Craig HAD to go :) On the way home Craig mentioned that he wanted to go on the roller-coaster in the New York New York hotel. Roller coasters are NOT for me, and he’s a dick-head for making me go on it. It was horrendous. I thought i was going to die. I felt like my stomach was going to fly out of my mouth at one point. I’m actually surprised it didn’t. All the while Craig was having a great time!

That night we had tickets to see Cirque du Soleil - Zumanity. It was such a fantastic and powerful show. We didn’t know what to expect and were a little surprised by the tall leggy brunette hosting the show - I think her name was Brian. Then all these boobs came flying out of nowhere with guys kissing guys and a weird girl having a bit too much fun with a rope. It was sexual alright. But the dancing and acrobatics were sensational!


Saturday morning we ended up sleeping in quite late. It was UFC day so we decided to chill around the pool before we had to go and get ready (even though the arena was in our hotel - so we didn’t have to go far).

The UFC was awesome - it was filled with Irish flags and the atmosphere was incredible. We got some of our favourite cosmopolitans and chicken legs and took a seat. All of our predictions were right in regards to who would win their fights - we were guna put a bet on, but ended up rushing and not having enough time - i wish we did now! After the fights were over we were pretty tired and made a pact that we’d go back to the room - sleep for an hour and then go out. We didn’t wake up. And we went to bed at 9pm. Total failures.


Sunday started off slow near the pool, got some editing done, face timed our families and had a sunbathe. Then I got bored again, so we decided to go to the Stratosphere for lunch - the tallest building in Vegas that rotates 360 degrees in like 80 minutes. It was a small mission, but we got there in the end. As soon as i took a seat next to the window I felt my head go (i get bad travel sickness and didn’t think it would be fast enough to notice - but it was and after all it was on the 106th floor. The waitress helped us move tables and I felt better away from the window. We decided on a 3 course set meal - Lobster/ Soup, Steak and Lobster/Prawns and chocolate mouse and white chocolate cup with berries for desert. And a lemon drop cocktail to drink. The food was beautiful. Definitely recommend going there. (total bill $140) We felt good after the meal and decided to go out that night on the razzmatazz. I bought a lethal concoction of alcohol from the local walgreen. It was like red bull and white wine in a can - absolutely disgusting. We got ready and went down to the casino in our hotel (MGM) and spent some time gambling (after getting a cosmo - must have spent a good 3grand on them this trip) We had decided on going to a roof top bar in the Cosmopolitan - which was closed, so we settled for Chandeliers in the same hotel. It was pretty and the cocktails were lovely - but the staff weren’t.

Cosmos at The Chandelier Bar
Cosmos at The Chandelier Bar

After befriending a space invading drunk we left promptly. We were on the strip making our way to another bar when we were stopped by a dodgy geezer called Darren. Darren was weird. He had a certain glazed over look in his eye and an almighty mullet- and i think he still lived with his mum. He was promoting limousines to strip clubs and free entry in. So we thought what the hell lets go.

An experience to say the least.

Aimee x