So driving from Vegas to San Francisco proved more difficult than we first thought! For a start the Sat Nav was blonde. I think it took, what should have been a 10 minute ride out of Vegas, around 50 minutes... Craig got all stroppy and I was NEVER to navigate again. This is what really happened, Aimee couldn’t navigate. On the right road, things turned out to be really relaxing, the roads were long and desert-y, the sun was up and it was a nice little drive - all 10 hours of it. We had a lot of fun singing and ate some wicked food on the way up. When we got to our hostel it was dark but only around 7pm. We’d gone from the luxury of the MGM Grand to a 10 bedroom shared dorm at a youth hostel. To say I was feeling snobby does not sum it up. But this is the right way to experience travelling right? Meeting new people from different backgrounds, religions, countries.. but after that first night i wanted to kill them all. I can’t put a finger on which few were snoring, but you CANNOT keep me awake - or wake me up -I AM the devil. And throwing a rubber ear plug at them didn’t shut them up either. Bastards.

Everyone was friendly enough in the morning and I'm just glared at them through blood shot eyes. Obviously I didn’t make any friends.. We got up the next day around 6.30am - the middle of the night basically. We had pre-booked tickets to wander around Alcatraz - a high security prison on a small secluded island located off the San Fran shores, surrounded by sea- inescapable (or so they say). It held prisoners like Al Capone.

It was a fab day out.

Craig had been before so showed me what to do. We headed straight for the audio tour with headphones. It actually had the voices of the real inmates and wardens. It had a weird erie vibe on the island and it was really cool to hear the stories of the prisoners and see where they spent most of their lives. And happy days, I wasn’t sick on the boat over (it did only take like 7-10 minutes though!)

We came off the island STARVING, obviously.. So took a stop at Bubba Gump Shrimp which was glorious. I never thought i’d see the day when i’d happily eat a shrimp but it was bloody lovely. We shared a starter of numerous flavoured shrimp - it was so good! Coconut shrimp, crab balls, battered fish - all really tasty.

Big Shrimpin'
Big Shrimpin'

All fished out we headed to a local park for a well deserved kip on the grass!


So Monday night’s sleep was an atrocious harmony played by the snoring choir again. I think we manage 7pm before we got up this time. Craig is a full on beach bum, so we decided to go a beach near the Golden Gate Bridge - to get some cool photos. Little did we know - it was a nudest beach! Holy baloney there were some sights! .. boobs and butts flying everywhere (there seems to be a theme here with our blogs?) We spent the rest of the day exploring San Francisco Bay, stopping off to get the worlds largest ice-creams (pistachio and coffee - oh ma days) and taking pictures till the sun went down. Not to mention another nap in a random park.

Nudist/Non Nudist
Nudist/Non Nudist


Thursday we started off the morning with a Starbucks (iced vanilla lattes) as usual then picked up a new car to drive to Los Angeles - a drive that was suppose to take around 4-5 hours, we managed it in 12. Fantastic.