We started the day in San francisco taking some snaps and getting some ‘groceries’ in for the drive to LA. The guy in the car hire place told us it was a 4 hour drive and there are some cool places to stop on the way so we thought we’d take our sweet time...

We made it to Santa Cruz after about 30 minutes and stopped off on the beach. It was a quiet little surf town with a small theme park and a few piers. We bought a huge tray of fruit and sat in the sun and scoffed it. The water was cold, but perfect for the heat. We started driving again at about 4.30pm and ended up driving through the Californian mountains in the pitch black. There was a continual pattern in the road, ’S’ shape, straight, left bend, right bend, straight - repeat. for about 60 miles. IN THE PITCH BLACK. It was so boring I couldn’t wait to get out of there. We eventually made it to the hostel at about 1.30am 12 hours after we left..


We woke up in Hollywood full of beans after a decent nights sleep. The hostel that we stayed at was the creepiest building I’ve ever been in; full of long corridors with emerald green carpet and portraits of old women staring into your soul. The woman who owned the hostel was a lemon; we arrived at 1.30am and she had us going to the cash machine, filling out forms and reparking the car (a favourite of hers - she made us do it every time we parked). When we asked about Air Conditioning she told Aimee ‘that’s what windows are for honey’, - well not when it’s 35degrees honey!!

We headed to Universal and spent the day there from about 2pm right through the night. We went to a few shows, the Waterworld show was the best thing I’ve seen live, it was full of stuntmen jumping off steel structures into water, explosions, guns and jet skis- an action packed show that stank of petrol and smoke.

The highlight of the day was the Transformers 3D ride - I was mind blown. I can’t even describe it you just have to do it before you die.

The Halloween Horror night was class. There were zombies walking the streets, nutters with chainsaws, dancers, smoke and fire. The zombie mazes were funny, Aimee was bricking it the whole way but to be fair they were after her. We were prime targets though in our matching minions t shirts..

Saturday we spent the day chilling, wandering the streets of Hollywood and taking some snaps, then Sunday we headed down to Venice beach which was about a half hour drive.

I absolutely loved Venice. It had everything that I love - Skating, Basketball, Hip Hop rap battles in the streets, and surfing - as I excel at all of the above I was in my element. The streets are paved with graffiti and quirky characters and there’s an intermittent waft of weed every 20 metres. There were a lot of homeless people with mobile phones, I was curious as to where they charged them and who they were calling. Everyone there seem to skateboard, even the oldies! It was a super fit little town, everyone was out in the mornings running on the beach, biking or doing yoga. Everyone is always ‘Right on’ or if you’re telling someone something and they agree it’s ‘Riiiight’.

They also have this eerie marine mist that comes in like a sheet of smoke over the whole city. I was told it happens when there is a drastic change in temperature from the sea to the air. It burns out in about and hour but it makes for some interesting snaps.

I was so happy with my camera. I got up for a sunrise and shot the surfers and actually made some money by selling a photo to one of them.

In the evening we ate in a restaurant called ‘Killer Shrimp’ which surprisingly sold lots of fish. We ordered the Seafood Platter for starters which consisted of crabs legs, shrimp and oysters. I don’t know who decided oysters were a delicacy, they were far from delicate. I was in a YOLO mood and thought fuck it I’ll brave it and try them. the first mouthful was actually seawater. real sea water. It couldn’t have been anything else. once I held my breath and washed it down with my dark and stormy cocktail I tried the main ingredient- the oyster. Christ. Slimey, fishy, putrid. Oysters are grim.

The main was unreal though which made up for my fishy nightmare of a starter. It was a Killer Shrimp Original which was basically half a pound of shelled shrimp in a spicy broth which they served with bread to soak it all up- it was right on the money.

The last day we were just about to head to the airport and we got stopped by a film crew from Canada who asked if we could be filmed for this magicians TV show. We happily obliged and he did some ‘Magic’ for us. It was pretty impressive and we got a snap with him at the end. Supposedly the show is airing in February so look out for us Canadians (it’s only airing in Canada). The magicians name is Zack Mirza and he was shit hot with his hands.