We are girls! I think it’s fairly acceptable to say we NEED more shit than our guys. And if they end up carrying it? #soznotsoz.

But overpacking is a thing of the past - trust me I know, after breaking two expensive suitcases and nearly my back, I thought to myself, did I really need that kitchen sink?

If it’s a small getaway with the lover, a family holiday or a world wide adventure with your best mates, here is a quick rundown of everything you will need as a gorgeous lass to make your trip fine and dandy.


A Good Bag

This is where it all starts. You need to get yourself a good sturdy bag. I snapped the first one I had and just annihilated the second one that I bought from a car boot sale in Japan. I had too much stuff. Splurge a bit. You don’t want it to break at the airport. Shopping for your travel bag is exciting! Have a good look around and shop for the bargains, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!

Our advice is to go for a roller backpack bag - one that zips the whole way around - check here for our full description on what bags to take! 


A Great Book/Kindle

Packing a good book is essential for travelling. Don’t want to listen to Pedro snoring and farting on your overnight train? Pop some ear plugs in and get settled into an exciting book. Not only does it pass the time and relax us, but there is something about coming out the the book world into the real world that makes us feel satisfied. (If you haven’t read it yet - Gone girl by Gillian Flynn is a corker - got me all the way to Japan!)

On a better note - go nuts and splurge on a kindle before your trip. These little beauties can hold over 1,000 books - all compressed into one little item, talk about light travelling ay! Plus you can get seriously cool covers for them on amazon.

                                                  Minimal Make-up

Don’t be taking a variety of foundation and mascaras, they will only slide off your face and hit a Thai man in the eye. When you’re out in the open air with the breeze and sun on your face, you will want to feel light and free. A moisturising foundation will probably work best, you can cover your spots and blemishes and still have a light base with spf as an added bonus. I would always use a bright coloured lipstick over a mascara too. No pandas ya know.And chuck an eyebrow pencil in there. Without one I don’t actually have any eyebrows and look like I should be on The Jeremy Kyle show.


Conditioner/ Serum

I struggle with my hair when i'm travelling. It has a rebellious mind of it's own, so I usually end up throwing it in a bun and looking like a homeless guy. 
I wouldn’t bother getting a conditioner until you hit your destination - they’re always heavy and it will probably explode in your bag on the plane (just my luck?) 

The sun can make your hair very dry, a serum is good to take as it usually comes in a smaller bottle and will last a long time! I usually slept in condition as well.. waking up with an 80s fro isn’t very 2016.



No brainer. You’re going travelling as a youngster, when you get back you still want your mum to know who you are. So moisturise yeh.

A Travel Hair Dryer and Straighteners

One of my best packing choices was a small travel hair dryer. I got mine from Ebay for around £18 brand new. They’re smaller and the handle folds up so it doesn’t take up too much room! As for straighteners.. bring whatever ones you want! Let’s not scrimp on these bad boys.. they're pure gold when travelling and will help change our hair from our mum’s in the 60’s to the real us in 2016. (Always remember to buy a plug adapter for the different countries you will visit - always make sure the wattage of the electrics will be compatible with the country too!)

First Aid Kit and a Pad Lock.

Were you involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Yes. Always. I’m clumsy as eff.. Take a cute one - even a pink one if you want! Just make sure it has the essentials in it for when you fall off the scooter in South East Asia, because you will.
We’ve never used so much Dettol Disinfectant Antiseptic - forget your passport, if there is one thing you need for travelling it’s this!

A padlock will secure your make up - because lets be honest we don’t really give a shit about losing anything else (maybe our straighteners?) Get a small one for your backpack and use a well remembered combination to lock it! Make sure it's one that they can access in the airport we used these ones. (Good tip is also to put a little luggage tag on with all your details including a phone number from someone back home, just incase it goes to Kazakstan and you go to Cornwall)

A Decent Camera

Just get a GoPro yeh. An absolute essential for any trip! Wide lens selfies and underwater shots will refresh your memories from the trip of a lifetime. Check out our camera equipment write up to see which GoPro will work best for you here.

Also if you’re going for a long time, get a small hard drive to back up your photos and videos to show your nan.


A Little comfort pack (*must have)

Included is:

Ear plugs
Eye Mask

These little beauties will keep you sleeping in check! If you haven’t got them - expect to wake up feeling (and probably looking) like Mrs Trunchbull. From being on that 14 hour plane journey to checking into your 12,394 bed dorm, not hearing or seeing scary Susan dribbling and chatting in her sleep will make you a wonderful person in the morning.


A Comfortable Pair of Trainers

So you’re in a new place, you want to explore. Yes you’ve brought your pink first aid kit, but you don’t want to be using all the plasters from it on your feet. A good pair of light nikes.. or Lonsdales - I’m not discriminating against cheaper trainers - we’re travelling! We could do with saving some dosh! As long as they’re comfy people!!

My favourites would be some Go Walk Sketchers even though, as i’ve said before Craig thinks they look like Nan shoes. But there comes a time in our lives when we need to take comfort over supermodel. Today is that day.


Diary/ Notebook

If you’ve got a memory like mine - you’ll need to start writing things down unfortunately.
Keeping a diary is a wonderful way of remembering experiences - because there will probably be too many to fully remember! Even a photo diary is cool. Write down dates and names then one cold morning in November when you’re home you can sit down with a cup of tea and a blanket and reminisce about the warm old days. 


A Plastic folder for all of your paperwork.

If your doing a lot of pre-booking for maybe shows, excursions or hostels etc it might be best to have it all printed out and in a nice little folder. Yet again this is a nan thing I like to do. Craig prefers e-tickets and shit I don’t understand.
But it can make all this stress of travelling that much more exciting! You'll feel accomplished and organised and look like a professional traveller too :)

So there you have it, 12 must have items for any girl about to embark on a world wide adventure - or just popping to your nan's house 3 streets down.
Stick to these rules and you'll be a professional, comfy, first aider with slick soft hair and a complexion of a young Spanish baby.

Peace and Love,
Aimee <3

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