This week 'appened with a blooming corker of a day! We went to our local Cardiff Car boot sale in a place called Bessemer Market! And mate did we win big.
We got loads of cool shit, and all for £7.50! LOL totally winning day.

After our bargain shenanigans we decided to head to Swansea to camp, because it was a gorgeous sunny day - Hill End to be exact. it's a brilliant (but flippin expensive at £25 per night.. wheres the premier in lads?) campsite situated right next to the Gower beach - top spot! 

Craig went all butler in the buff and serves us some, pretty flippin beaut whiskey sours! (recipe - 2 lemons/ 2 limes/ sugar syrup and whiskaaaaaay) So we got wobbly and ventured to the beach for some selfies.

The next day, minus hangovers - LUSH, we headed to three cliffs bay - which obviously had three cliffs - I wasn't sure and sounded like a plank when i asked. Here's a fantastic shot of me looking like something from the Welsh Vogue. So riskay with that hat.
We even got spotted..  we bumped into a kinging-it lover - Megan, you're a legend, don't let anyone tell you any different.

To watch it all unfold, click the video below: