Iceland Arrival - A short Day One!

Just a quick check in for today!

We flew into Keflavik Airport like two excited kids at Christmas. All bags, legs and arms in tack we got some tickets from the front desk and jumped on a Flybus, which is a shuttle from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik which took around 30-40 mins.

Here is our first daily Vlog as promised! We met our mate Birkir who took us for a glorious burger and gave us our Cozy camper camper van! We then tried (supposedly) the world's greatest Baejarins Beztu Pylsur hot dog, which was pretty flippin good, and probably the cheapest food you'll get!
After having a little wander around we headed back and stayed the night in a lovely Brattagata Guest House with the lovely host Ingunn. The beds were on fleek. Just what we needed before our mad mission. 

Tomorrow is officially our first day on the great open Icelandic road!
We'll see bright and early! (Just jokes, we're Craig and Aimee, we don't get up early for less than £10,000).

Peace & Love

Check our Cozy Campers - Birkir is a CHAMPION!!