Our very last day in Iceland did not disappoint!! We started off the cold morning with a dip in Silfra! It has the most amazing clear blue waters and deep rocky caves that go down for miles!
It definitely woke us up!
After that we headed to Mr.B's house to meet his family and he make us a wonderful Icelandic lamb dinner!! It was bloomin marvellous!!
The finish the night in style we headed to the relaxing Blue Lagoon for a chill. The water there is just magical (and it's all real ya'know!) and hot! We were nearly on our own as we got there late - a lovely experience.

We have sincerely loved Iceland and it's hit the top of Craig's 'Top loves countries' list. The insane powerful blue waterfalls and peaceful countryside with hidden geothermal gems, its easy to see why Iceland is becoming so popular to visit now, and we will defo be back! 

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