Hello you wonderful bunch!

This week we started it off with a bif of sporty sport sport in the age old rivalry of Wales Vs. England in Euros. We went to the fan zone in cardiff just after we placed some (naughty) bets. What an atmosphere it was! When that first Wales goal went in the crowd (including us) went absolutely ape shit, but it was all downhill from there. It was a soggy day and a soggy end but it was super fun all the same!

Then we headed to our mates Natalie and Lauren's gaff to babysit for their two puppies, one of whom hated my (Craig) guts. Walking in the house was an intense moment but we managed to get on like a house on fire before we had a scuffle. We also did some DIY in their house, hopefully they didn't mind! I couldn't get a picture of Chunk as he was fast as lightening but look at this little fluffball they call Mauve.

To finish off a top week we headed down to our favourite beach - the Knap. We took the drone out for a spin as we haven't got ages and it decided to go AWOL. It was a squeaky bum time as it's happened before but it is always just as scary! Click the video below to watch us having a few lols this week: