What is cracking you mentalists?!
You've booked your big ass trip around the globe, and you're itching to pack your bag, but you're probably thinking, 'WTF do I put in it? WHAT DO I NEED!?' I should ask Kinging-It - they'll know.
Well you are right my friend! We've always got your back and this list is travel tested and will save your life. Nobody wants to die on the road so keep reading ya filthy animal...

1. A J-Pillow

What the devil is a J-Pillow you ask? Well look at the picture - it's a J shaped Pillow init!
This thing was pure gold when we were on our night buses/trains/flights and huge journeys. She clips to your bag like a good fella whilst you're not using her but when you're ready whip her off and tuck her under your chin, she'll have you in snoozeville in 0.5 seconds. Don't scrimp on a travel pillow and by a blow up one or a standard wrap around pillow last minute at the airport off Clive - get this naughty number and you'll be loving life on the road! She will set you back about £15.95 on Amazon. 


                  2. A Lock

When you move from hostel to hostel, through sketchy airports and have your bags lifted on and off buses you might get a bit freaked out that all your sexy beach attire and elephant trouser collection might get nabbed, so you're gonna want to get yourself a decent lock. Most if not all hostels will have lockers so you can chuck your backpack in them and fix your lock to it to give you a bit of peace of mind. We used these Trixes 4 combo locks, you can put your own PIN in when you get it, your Nan's birth date or what ever and away you go. The beauty of these ones is that not only are they 'airport safe' (so they can open them to check you're not smuggling loads of crack), but you can get them in 6 banging colours - you will be the dogs bollocks with your lime green backpack lock- we're so good to you... £6.99 on Amazon for TWO - bargain lad.  

3. Mosquito/Bug Protection

One of the realities of travelling South East Asia or South America is the relentless attack from bugs and mosquitos. It is a daily struggle and if you're like me and you taste like sweet, sweet nectar you're going to be a banquet for the little buzzy bell-ends. 

There are 3 life saving things you can take with you to battle it out with the little tossers: 

A Mosquito Net

Not only is this a wicked little cozy number when you get into bed but it will also stop the bugs who only attack at night (the worst kind). This LifeSystems Mosquito net according to Amazon is 'impregnated with Lifesystems EX8'... That sounds wonderful. It just means it's got loads of stuff in it that mosquitos hate so they'll be like 'NO CHANCE I AIN'T TOUCHING THAT BRO!'. 
You 1-0 Mosquito
If you're travelling alone one of these bad boys will cost you about £18 on Amazon, if you're a couple a double will cost about £25 on Amazon

Mosquito Repellent

When you're out and about in the day you can't wander around with your mosquito net to protect you, unless you're a complete nut case. So you're gonna need something to keep the bugs at bay whilst you're sunning yourself on beaches or getting lost in the city. The problem with mosquito spray is that most of them have something called deet in them, and HOLY MOTHER it smells like the strongest Russian vodka in the world! It does calm down so don't be like 'fuck dat I ain't about that life', it will stop you scratching your skin off for days so just go for it. This Pyramid Trek stuff we bought was really handy, just don't get it in your eyes or go for a pee after you apply it - it will burn like the worst STD...
We bought 2 bottles before we left and they lasted us near enough 7 months. A bottle of these ultimate mosquito blockers will cost you about £8 on Amazon

After Bite

No matter how hard you try, you're gonna get bitten at some stage. Don't take it personally, these guys love a little swig on some fresh travellers blood! When you do eventually fall victim to your first devastating bite you're gonna want to scratch it. At one point I (Craig) was covered with about 12 bites on my ankles and legs from sitting outside at night with no deet spray on. I was an idiot admittedly, but I was then an emotional wreck because I couldn't stop scratching. Especially in the heat it makes it 10 times worst BUT my go-to for these dark moments is this little After Bite Pen. It has a bit of ammonia in it which will quickly neutralise the bite and put your tears and anguish at bay. At £3 on Amazon that's a freakin' bargain considering it pulls your from dark moments and stops you crying.  


ZAP IT Sting Stopper
If that isn't doing the trick then you can always double up with a double hit - ZAP THE SHIT OUT OF THOSE BITES with this little zapper thing. It omits a tiny electric shock that instantly stops the itching without scratching the skin and spreading the venom; forget your fingernails, use this thing and zap it 'til it's numb... that's what I did you will feel super macho.

4. A Portable Speaker

Now that you're all wrapped up in your mosquito net or chilling on the beach with your mosi spray on it's time to relax and listen to some pure tunes. If you're a big music buff then this is a must, and if you're not piss off to no.5. 
First of all, a word of advice. Don't be 'that guy' and blast your music in a 12 bed dorm when there are people trying to sleep, or on a beach where people are trying to relax. Use it for when you're getting ready or if you're playing cards with your new mates from around the globe, they'll love you like the resident DJ and you'll be whipping through the classics showing them what you're made of. We took this little Betron pop up bad boy with us: 

The beauty of this thing is that it squashes down to a really small ball but blasts out at a surprising volume. It's also rechargeable which is so handy when you're travelling - who wants to buy batteries these days?! Forget about buying a Beats Pill or some other fancy shmancy speaker, this thing costs £10 on Amazon so if some scally robs it then you won't be trying to Tweet Dr. Dre for a replacement because you can't afford another one, you can just order a new one. Simple. It also comes in 6 fabulous colours to impress your mates.

5. A Battery Pack

Now you have all your accesories, most likely an iPod/iPhone or some sort of mini disk/CD player, you're gonna need some juice for those lengthy journeys to your next location. There is literally nothing worse than running out of battery and having no music (other than shit Wifi..).
This is something which will make you smile so much when that happens. The one we bought is massive and out dated but the newer versions of these things are super slick and give you much more charge on the go. Our suggestion (based on the best reviews!) is this Powerback JTech Battery pack.

The amount of times we forgot to charge our GoPro at the mains or our phones that had vital information like addresses of hostels or directions was ridiculous. Without our battery pack we would probably have died or not been able to have a cheeky dance at the back of the coach. This one also has a torch which is essential when staying in a dorm room, you can't switch the main light on when you come rolling in at 3am and wake the other 11 travellers up! These things charge everything through USB including Kindles, iPhones, GoPros, portable speakers and anything that has a USB - MINT!  At £16 on Amazon this will save you on long journeys and will be your best mate.

Jesus the more I write this list the more I think how fucking great it is and I wish I had the same list before I left - all this thinking took me months!! You're welcome... 

6. A Travel Adapter

There's no need for me to write an essay for this one, but if you didn't already know not everyone has the same plug socket as you ya selfish gimp... I'm joking but honestly, there are different plug sockets FYI. With this SiFree travel adapter you won't need to buy another one again in your life (unless you lose it). It has every possible plug socket ever invented in the history of mankind AND USB slots to charge your phones AT THE SAME TIME?! Can you believe it? This bad boy will cost you £16 on Amazon and it will be worth EVERY penny.

7. Anti-Diarizzle/Travel Sickness Tablets

You're gonna shit yourself. Bottom line. When you visit a new country you could eat at the poshest restaurants or from street vendors but more than 90% of travellers (made up statistic) will get a dodgy tummy trying to adjust to the new food/water (don't drink the tap water!).
I myself got 'Bali belly' just in time for my birthday and went to the loo about 64 times in the day, I was like a chocolate super soaker! (Soz).
Aimee got it too whilst we were in Thailand and it was her first experience with the bum hose... you will grow to love them when you're away. 
To combat this sad, violating time you're gonna want to get yourself some Imodium Tablets to clog you back up when you're leaking. This stuff works a treat and within a few hours you'll be ready to eat some food and have a swim to wash ya bum flaps. Another good thing, especially if you've been on the buckets and you're too dehydrated to move is Dioralyte, it will restore all your electrolytes and the stuff you need to be alive so that's always good.

If you're like Aimee and you have an alter-ego called Travel-Sick Tracey then chances are you're gonna hate travelling about. Never fear, Aimee has extreme motion sickness and was terrified of going on boats and buses etc. Aimee claimed she had tried EVERYTHING to hault her nausea but I did some research and found out about Dramamine. It worked a treat. It does make you feel quite drowzy but we figured that's always better than feeling horrendously sick. One time we were on a ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Tao and there was a girl behind us chucking up in a bag, it absolutely wreaked of the worst kind of sick you can imagine, and the boat was bouncing all over the shop in some choppy conditions but we had dropped some Dramamine and we were just like 'Yeah... Sweet. Gutted for her.' They don't sell it on Amazon anymore but you can get it in most pharmacies - LIFE. SAVER.


You probably got halfway through this list and thought where's the bit on cameras?! Well my friends, here it is. YOU NEED ONE.
These are our suggestions. If you want to just take sick pictures, with no stress of water damage and you're not too bothered about crystal clear sound then a GoPro is for you. We did a write up on all of our camera equipment here -> OUR EQUIPMENT. This will give you a more in depth run down into the cameras and why we use them. We use the following:

GoPro Hero 5 Black


The GoPro Hero 5 is the TITS. This one is for the people who are into video editing, that want that super slow motion goodness and a crystal clear picture. There's no screen on the back of this one but sometimes, that can be a distraction AND drains the battery so don't sweat that too much. 


GoPro Session

If you're a newb and you want something light and handy to carry around that's a lot cheaper then the GoPro Session is the one for you. The cool thing about this one is that the whole camera is waterproof so you don't have to worry too much about your housing breaking (because it doesn't have one). It also has a mic on the outside so you get much better sound when you're doing water activities. It's tiny and slick AF.



Fuji X100S

If you're a hardcore photographer but you're sick of lugging around a DSLR and a bag full of lenses then trust me, the Fuji X100S will change your life and change the way you shoot. It's SO light, SO convenient and the photos it produces are naughty sauce! When we were wandering the streets of Vietnam or climbing mountains in Queenstown, this thing was our best mate. The other wicked thing about it is it looks like an old film camera which deters thieves - WIN. Although you will get people looking at you like 'look at that hipster bell-end thinking he's rad with a film camera.. f*ck the haters, little do they know you're carrying around one of the most beautiful DIGITAL cameras ever made. Although we swear by this camera, there is a newer version called the Fuji X100T, if you've got the extra cash then you might as well go for it and get that bad boy!

Canon S120

When we first starting vlogging way back in September 2014 we started off with this rock solid point and shoot Canon S120. It's got everything you need in a vlogging camera, crisp 1080p video recording (at 60 Frames Per Second!), image stabilisation (no shakey footage) and a really wide aperture (great in low light and for shooting photos). If you're thinking about vlogging but you don't like the idea of vlogging with a giant DSLR + mic then go for this trusty number, she won't let you down. It always is a really great camera for photos, so if you're not a keen photographer but now and again you see a nice bin or old lady you want a snap of then this camera is perfect for that!

9. A Hard Drive

Now you have all your wicked cameras, you're gonna want to take a hard drive to back up all your photos and videos to show your Nan. There is nothing worse than having the trip of a lifetime and nothing to show for it. The amount of people we met on the road who had lost their cameras or memory cards was colossal and my heart goes out to them, but if you aren't backing up your shit, you're a plonker. Simple as.
The hard drives we trust the most at these Transcend ones. They come in 500GB, 1TB or 2TB sizes, they're also military grade shock resistant- can't touch that can ya?! Beast. The cheapest one is £50 which is a small price to pay to make sure your Nan gets to see that video of you snogging Graham from the Full Moon party...  

10. Kindle

Last and by no means least you're going to want something extra for those long bus journeys or when you're chilling on a beach and you're bored of sunbathing. You my friend and going to need a KINDLE! We weren't big readers before we left but mainly because we were so busy at home. When you hit the road with all your cash and you're ready to kick back it's so awesome having so much time to get stuck into books, open your minds, learn some shit and be better for the experience. We're going to do a top 10 books every traveller should read very soon but for now just get one of these if you love reading, if you don't you should do it anyway! We both have the Paper White Kindle, the new one is £270? WTAF?! don't waste your money, at the end of the day you just want one with a light and a decent screen, not a coffee table/fold out picnic blanket and full HD tv. 


List of travel essentials COMPLETE! How good is that? It took us month to figure out what to take. We actually bought a lot of extra crap and never used it, but every single thing on this list is going to be used to the fullest on your trip. 

Also, if you fancy any of these items then make sure you click the links in this blog post and buy them so that we get some cash for our next trip! Amazon will give us a few pennies for all the recommendations through our Kinging-It links which is cool, but we wouldn't want you buying any old shite so this is a tried and tested list people!

The last and final ESSENTIAL piece of sexiness you're going to need for your trip is a Kinging-It T-shirt. Come on lads, you have to represent if you're gonna be frolicking the globe!

If you're more of a video person or just for some extra lollage we made a video on our Top 10 Things For Travelling, click it below!

Any questions or ANYTHING travel related then don't hesitate to drop us a line below ;) 

Big Loves,

You're welcome,

Craig & Aimee <3