We all know that with the good.. often comes the bad. These are a few of the worst things we came across when travelling. Adhere to the tips given.. and we should all be ok!

Travel Sickness

If you know me, you’ll know I travel with this little dickhead called Tracey. 

Travel Sick Tracey to be exact. 

It’s quite funny that i’ve decided to dedicate my life path to travelling, when I genuinely ALWAYS get travel sick.
It did worry me at first when we decided to embark on this massive world wide trip. I knew there was going to be loads of boat rides in Thailand, but you can’t let it stop you, you must see these beautiful places!

If you know that a dreaded boat will be in the itinerary tomorrow, if you can, research different transport options. 

Boyfriend booked a party boat for you guys?! No worries, just stay on the beach and throw your own party. You might be on your own but lets list the pros of this-
Less people to share your drinks with - no queues at the bar - pick your own music. No travel sickness. You, my friend, are winning at life.

If is there no option for a different mode of transport then you may have to pop some anti-sickness pills. I took Dramamine. It did work BUT it made me feel like a complete zombie for at least half a day. It dries your mouth out and can make you quite sleepy. So I would suggest only taking these for long journeys. 

If these don’t work for you (which they will because i’ve literally tried everything on the planet, from travel sickness bands to ginger biscuits and although a lady I met mentioned a piece of ginger in the belly button - I am yet to try that one) then only vodka will do the trick. If you can't see Travel Sick Tracey.. she can’t see you - right?!

Take a plastic bag just incase. None of this, ‘keep your eyes on the horizon’ shit.

Bed bugs

YIKES he’s got me leg mun!
I mean, I like to make friends as much as the next guy but these crawling creatures can unfortunately be a itchy accessory to your trip.

Top tip of your life will be to make sure you read the reviews of the places you are staying. Obviously if you’re paying 2p per night don’t expect too much for nothing. We had a little run in ourselves with these little critters in Koh Samui, Thailand and in Australia. I could literally feel them crawling on me in bed, it was awful! We hardly slept a wink! It was so frustrating because you can’t punch them.

Luckily Craig is far more tasty than me and I never actually got bitten.

You will get robbed

HAHAHA i’m joking. You won’t get robbed.. but you might though.

He may look all cute and innocent sat there eating his banana but he WILL steal your iPhone and lipstick. 
These things happen, especially on the road, so just keep and eye out. We were very lucky when travelling, only my phone was stolen in Bali - no biggie (no it wasn't by a monkey.) To prevent any larceny from locals or fellow travellers, we took small pad locks for our suitcases and a small gun. Research the places you’re going, if it’s a bit dangerous in a certain area, just visit in the day. I would suggest never taking any valuables out at night, as a traveller there really isn’t any point, apart from maybe a camera.

Just make sure you get enough insurance to cover all of your equipment.

Spider, Snakes and Mosquitos

Now I know how scary these things can sound to some people. Some of my best friends have said that they - point blank - would not go to Australia because of the spiders. Yes, they're big but the majority of them won't hurt you. Someone once told me, spiders are cool. This is how it goes down:
Dave walks into the bathroom and there is a HUGE spider in the shower, looking him straight in the eye with his massive face and fury legs..
'oh hey Dave' the spider says, 'I won't be a minute, let me just rinse this conditioner out'. Dave looks on.. shrugs his shoulders and walks out. 

Most snakes are just as friendly. We didn't encounter too many. Just be careful when walking through long grass!

Mosquitos are found in most hot countries. There is no getting away from them, you just want to hope your not sexy enough for them. When travelling we're frequently asked whether or not we took malaria tablets.. the answer is yes and no. We bought them and took them with us - we were advised out of all the places we were going, to take them in Laos. It turned out we weren't getting bitten in Laos - so stopped taking them after a few days. 

Getting lost

The first thing you'll want to be doing is getting a scooter and going to explore! 
Getting lost can be a mixture of good and bad. On the one hand you could end up finding a beautiful, ice blue waterfall with monkeys and unicorns. But on the other hand it might be an illegal crack farm, which you now have to work on because they clocked you.

Always know where you’re going. On our travels we used and app called Maps.me. We didn’t have wifi after we left our accommodations so would load the route up at the hostel and it would still work outside on our trip. You can actually download maps of the places you're in and they will work when you're out and about - genius!

My tip is to always pin point some kind of landmark near your accommodation. If you get lost you can ask a local the direction home. I wouldn’t go too far after dark either unless your sure of your route, these scooters don’t come with built in sat navs! (Now there’s one for Dragon’s Den!)


Bad Transportation

Being woken up at 1am on a sleeper bus in the middle of no where, to be told it’s broken down somewhere in the middle of Cambodia can be frustrating. We waited around 2-3 hours for another one to turn up. But they’re the stories we always remember to tell! How we paid £4 for a 17 hour bus journey and when we weren’t given champagne and a hot towel we lost our shit. Go with the flow. These things happen. These countries are still developing. 

You will also fall off a scooter. The amount of tourists we saw with scrapes, cuts and bandages over their whole bodies only indicated one thing - they’re as shit as me when it comes to driving, in my opinion, one of the most dangerous and life threatening machine on the planet!!

Check out our Bali vlog when I decided to hit the pavement

Traveller’s Diarizzle (Diarrhoea)

Whether it’s Bali belly or Thai tummy, there is a chance of an upset stomach (and or bumhole) It’s not food poisoning as most people think.. it’s usually down to a change in diet. I - of course being Aimee - got it.. and for the majority of our time in Thailand. I just couldn’t seem to prevent it, but my mum sent me over some bum blockers and I managed okay.
Just make sure you keep everything hygienic - washing your hands after the toilet, and after handling money, that kind of thing.

If it gets that bad then take immodium tablets. If that still doesn't work then you can go to the doctors they will know what to give you for a small fee. (remember you can barter everything, including medication from the Doctor - insane!!)

Keep your bums safe kids.

You may or may not encounter some of these little horrors, but better that you're prepared - don't say we never help you out!

Peace and Love.

Craig & Aimee x

PS. Always remember - Keep Kinging-It!

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