Easier said than done appaz..
We touched down in Queenstown in May 2015. We had no house, no jobs, no money and no friends. You will never understand the true money struggle until you get to QT without any of the above. 
With winter in full bloom, the skiing season just about the get up and running and the average hostel prices starting from around $21 per night per person, you're going to need a job, right about now.

Getting A House

With 20million being the average number of people flocking to QT for the ski season (slight exaggeration), the fight for housing and jobs can be a PHAT mission. Everyone is in the same boat and it can be a vicious game if you don't get in quick enough! Top tip - sort our housing before you come, don't get all Rocky on us when you get here.

qt bon.jpg

The best sites to use to look for housing are:
Facebook: Queenstown Trading. It takes a while to become a member but when you're in, it's golden. From rooms to ski equipment to festivals to a slow cooker - you can find the world here.
Local Newspaper - Lakes Weekly: This paper gives the latest jobs/ housing/ lost and found/ things for sale. You can also pay $10 for a post in the paper, maybe mention you need a room and leave your number! Keep your eyes peeled for the new one every week on a Monday.

Luckily we had a friend who we stayed with for around 2 weeks, while we tried to find our feet. Meanwhile we were constantly searching and calling people to see if their rooms were still available. In QT people generally house share. People are usually there for longer than a short holiday and look for somewhere more permanent to live. This was the view from our friends house- incredible:

We ended up going to a house renting agency called QAC (Queenstown Accommodation Centre, right in the centre of town). If you can avoid this - do. The fees and bonds are pretty hefty and not knowing who you will be living with means you may not get that bond back!
Not going to lie though, our house was SICK! (in a good way)
We ended up living in a 1.8 million dollar house with 4 other (at the time) friends that we met at a bar who were in the same situation.

eddy dibve.jpg

Your average prices for living in a room in QT can vary between $150 for a single room to $250 for a double room. Bills may be $30 on top.
Our house was insane we were paying $428 for our double room - NOT including bills!

Getting a job

I'm sorry to say, but getting a job is just as tough! Take your hair extensions out cos shit is about to go down. There is like half of the world trying to apply for one job in QT. Top tips would be to try and secure a job before you come. If you didn't do that and your sat here reading this homeless with no shoes, just keep reading bud.

Get yourself 1000 CVS. Get to the library and print those bad boys off. Hand them in EVERYWHERE. Make sure your CV stands out, write a funny and descriptive cover letter to let people know how happy and friendly you are - THEY LOVE IT! They also love it if you make some conversation when handing in your CV, so get chatting and ask some questions about the place - even if you only want the job until you can find a better one!

I got my job through word of mouth. I heard there was jobs going in cookie time so I legged it there, put on my cheesiest smile and handed them one of my thousand cvs. They rang me that night - that was a lucky call after handing out roughly 45 cvs (no lie bro) around the town and having more than 5 interviews. It took a real man to wear the uniform though...

Craig got his job through a sign in the shop window. He worked for AJ Hackett bungy and yes, he had to do them all on his induction day! Brave man..

Most bars and pubs are looking for promo people who are usually found through friends of friends, but ask around. QT is cold in the winter months and not many people want these jobs - but they are fun - I did it for a while. Just be bubbly and friendly. You can't go wrong.

As mentioned before Queenstown Trading on FB and the local newspaper will help with finding jobs. There are usually posts on bulletin boards around the local supermarkets too. One of the best ways is just get chatting to people whilst you're pissed in bars, chances are you'll meet someone with a job who can put a word in in their place and hook you up!

Check out our QT vlogs to see us hard at work (and in our giant house!)

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