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Day One

ANGLESEY! What a place! As soon as we drove over the first bridge on to the island we were like 'yes, this place is going to be IMMENSE!' and we weren't wrong. The weather wasn't the best but we were excited for our first activity. We were told it would be a surprise and to meet at the Ucheldre Centre...

Life Drawing

When we turned up to the centre it looked like a big church so we were expecting either pottery making, an arts and crafts lesson or to be baptised. It was none of the above, we were told we would be doing some live nude drawing. For a split second we looked at each other like 'whaaat?', and gulped thinking we'd be starkers whilst people drew our bits. Then the lady handed us a sketch pad and chalks and was like 'psyche!'. Luckily we were drawing a female model- win!
We'd both always wanted to do this, but never had a chance. Baring in mind the pair of us hadn't drawn anything properly for about 10 years...

We sat and drew the model for about an hour in various poses as we showed off our bad ass sketches to the instructor, who said that Aimee's head was looking 'a bit strange', her drawing was a bit weird as well... She told me that mine were of a Picasso level and that Aimee needed a stronger prescription for her eyes.

Rib Boat Ride

We then headed to Menai Bridge for a blitz around on a rib boat. We met Phil our instructor who was a bloody champion and completely made the whole tour. We flew around under bridges, mansions on the sides of the channel and one of the longest jetties in the world. We also found out that there is a 5* Hotel on the island called Chateau Rhianfa - we'll be staying there one day!
Even though it was wet and windy, there was a weirdly warm breeze as we flew through the water. If you are going to do this tour, then make sure you wrap up warm and hold tight to your camera to save it flying off into the water!


Barclodiad Y Gawres Beach

After our wicked boat ride we headed to Barclodiad Y Gawres. Which we later found out has a legendary burial chamber and a beaituful beach. There was such high winds and rain we couldn't stay outside of the car for more than 5 minutes. There was some head-case surfers battling the waves in the sea and a few cows watching them from the hills (not us). I bet in the summer this place is bloody lush!

3 Tros Yr Afon

We were now soggy and cold and in desperate need of a cozy bed to sleep in! As we pulled up to our banging cottage for the evening we were greeted by the lovely Jackie who had baked us a LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE!! We also had fresh tea and coffee waiting for us and a fire built ready to light- what a beauty! The house was just wonderful, huge cozy rooms, heaps of character and sea views. Jackie owns and was going to put us up in a windmill property for the night (check it out it's unbelievable!) But sadly it was fully booked! Just before we went to snoozeville we went for a late night feast at a tapas bar called The Midlands. The food was naughty and they even catered a few dishes for this vegan fella named Craig!

Day Two

The most important meal of the day is breakfast so we headed to the seafront and had coffee and scran at Pier House Bistro. Craig had some beans on toast with a coffee and I went for some scrambled eggs.

We were supposed to be walking through Newborough Forrest but it was chucking it down with rain so we went to plan B. We headed for Pili Palace and stopped off at a train station with the longest place name in Europe - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch so long it barely fits into one line! Aimee nailed the pronunciation, and I had a go... it wasn't great but Aimee got an A* in her Welsh GCSEs, showoff!


Pili Palas Nature World

We are both lovers of animals and freaky little creatures so this place was wicked! As soon as we walked in we were surrounded by butterflies and little birds flapping about. I found a butterfly trapped in a bit of mud so I scooper him up and put him in a giant bowl of fruit. He stuck a little straw tongue thing straight into a bit of mango and was absolutely loving it. There was all kinds of snakes and cockroaches and actually the biggest tarantula in the world... The Goliath Bird Eating Spider. No thanks. After all the hairy slimy stuff we found the goats and donkeys, gave them a little tickle then ran away.

When we first arrived we met Andrew and Malcolm who showed us around and then introduced us to 'the skid car'. It was a BMW with a mad frame around it with 4 extra wheels that can emulate ice, snow and oil spills- great news! We had a few laps in that whilst Malcolm hit the 'ice switch' and spun is into a 360. After a few laps we had the skid car down and we were driving like pros on ice. Next up was a spin around the track with Malcolm in the driving seat...

After about half a lap, Aimee starting getting a tad queazy so we had to bring her back in to chill out and stop her re-decorating the interior; altough in this picture Aimee looks like she's having the time of her life having a lol with our Malcs.

I then stepped in and did about 4 laps with Malcolm flooring the car on every straight and taking the corners like a mentalist- what a top ride!

You probably read that and thought 'really?!', yes REALLY. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised. Salt, flavoured salt, salted caramel sauce, vanilla salt, smoked salt - SO MUCH SALT! 

We were sat down and introduced to Halen Môn Salt by the lovely Becs (who just so happened to be a Kinging-It fan- hey hey!). We watched and intro video and how the company grew then we had a tour of the factory. At the end we got a taster of the different products and had a wander in the lush little gift shop. The location of this place is just perfect, right on the Menai Strait with lush views and we actually saw a beauty of a sunset just as we were leaving.

The Black Seal

After a huge day petting animals, trying to read Welsh signs, driving cars, eating salt we were in dire need of some scran and so we headed to The Black Seal to fill our bellys with food and alcohol.

It was proper Christmassy, super cozy and a lovely atmosphere. Top staff and a good selection of naughty food. They even catered for Vegans- winning! Aimee ordered Salmon with an asparagus Risotto and I opted for a spiced chick pea burger. Both cooked to perfection! We washed it all down with a a pink gin from the massive gin list and a local beer.

Blackthorn Farm

After packing our faces we were ready to get cozy and get a good nights sleep for the next days antics. Blackthorn Farm was the perfect place to relax after all the madness. We had a lush room with two beds, unfortunately Aimee wouldn't sleep in the one in the corner so I had to share the double with her... Fumin.

To see what we got up to on our Anglesey adventures click the videos below: