Japan has been my favourite place yet- it was crazy - and I loved it!

The colours, the culture, the friendliest people you will ever meet and not to mention the best coffee and food...

It has the lights and buzz of the big city and the contrast of tranquil forests, waterfalls, shrines and temples. All in close proximity to see in one 10 day visit.

So where to start? Jeeze, I felt like everything was thrown at my face for the whole 10 days!


So my favourite part - the people. There is such a contrast between old and young people in Japan. I think back in the day religion and culture were at the forefront of peoples lives. But i think the youngsters these days are a lot more ‘out there’. Harajuku girls and fashionistas line the street of Takeshite. A must see if you plan to visit. Great for shopping - if your into your costumes and anime.

The place is packed! And fast! A quick google search lets me know the population of Japan is casually sitting at around a whopping 126,999,808 people! And when the lights turn green at the Shibuya crossing if feel like all those people are joining you when you cross. It’s like a circus and you will get stood on if you don’t know where you’re going!  

We got a lot of looks in Japan, at first we weren’t sure what to think, but turns out they actually think we’re beautiful.. yep, total goddesses me and ar'Craig! We were told it was because we had blue eyes (and blonde hair) and your average Japanese person naturally has dark features. So we had our photo taken a lot with random people, usually excited young Japanese girls who pulled out the peace sign. I guess Japan doesn’t get as many tourists as other countries, whether it be because of the language barrier or what i don’t know, but they don’t see a lot of white people, especially if they have never travelled out of Japan.

It was a lot colder than pervious places we had travelled, (california, vegas) but i didn’t mind too much, i like the cold! Its nice to get dressed up all snug and go out exploring!


We tried to eat as much Japanese food as possible! It was the boomting. Craig’s favourite meal was a teriyaki set meal. It came with 4 types of different meat on a stick with teriyaki sauce on - however one of the meats were questionable.. lol he ate it anyway!We had a habit of waiting till we are starving and then literally picking the next restaurant we saw. We did this one day and here is where i found my favourite meal - a curry pot. Sounds exciting.. no? It was ace! It was like rice in a little round china dish with cheese melted into it, with an amazing spicy curry sauce (Japanese style!) .. tasted better than it sounds!! Plus to add to the authenticity, we had to sit on the floor, minus shoes for most meals!


Japanese folk are mental for arcades and games! There were loads along the Japan trail. We went to a place called Joyopolis, which is like a big game and ride attraction in a huge building. It was class! Mental fast pace music with bright colours, roller coasters, dancing and sweets - a kid’s (Aimee’s) dream (minus the roller coaster!)

The bullet train was awesome too. We got ourselves Japanese rail passes to travel down the country. It seemed like all you had to do was blink on the bullet train and you were at your destination! (make sure if your getting a japan rail pass, that you get it outside of japan, as you cannot buy them when you are there! Top tip!)

It is Japanese tradition to sleep on futons. These are thin long cushions that you lay on the floor. It was quite uncomfortable! But thats all they had! And i suppose you have to have a go while your there!

There was also a large number of ‘squatty potties’ as Craig called them. Toilets on the floor basically, like a whole in the ground. I wasn’t keen on these, i wasn’t sure which way to face/squat, then on the last day i worked out that there was a metal bar you had to hold onto to help you - so yeh, i was doing it backwards. If you were lucky enough, some toilets were full on thrones - with a personal squirter and blow dry no extra charge! You were winning if you found one of them!


Watch our 10 days in Japan below..