Evening Kinging-it troops!

At the beginning of the week, Craig headed down to Monk Nash beach with the drone and his two best mates, Will and Rhod, for a little surf session.

This weeks antics also involved us crossing the boarder again! We headed over to the land of Bristol for.. well a lot of food really. Packed on a good 22 stone and to be rolled home, not guna lie.

Well we had good reasons, let me tell you why.

First of all it was one of my good friend Leena's 10 YEAR cancerversary!! On Sunday she was 10 years all clear from Leukemia - what a bloody champion of a person. Congrats Leens we love you loads <3 So to celebrate we headed to 'Steak of the Art' for some lovely £7 cheap lunch deal steak - winning. 

And Secondly, we were going to see our other good friends Lee and Faye - Lee's the genius champion that designed our original kinging-it tees for us! Plus they have a little sausage dog addition in the family! We HAD to go just for snogs.. and an occasional arm hump. Wasn't quite expecting that one.

So in the evening we headed out to Turtle Bay - for some of the BEST caribbean food you've ever tasted - fo shiz. It was a gorgeous blend of 2-4-1 refreshing minty cocktails and spicy, BBQ'd, chargrilled Jerk Chicken and Prawns. Highly recommended! The place was packed! It was a lovely summer atmosphere and as it slipped into the evening they had the prettiest fairy lights for an ultra relaxing feeling.. or was that the lethal long island concoction. Either way, brilliant night.

Waking up with no hangover (booming result) we headed into Bristol centre. Where i though this was for a spot of shopping or at least window shopping, Craig had other ideas. We ended up CLIMBING.. (yeh i know how hot it was on Sunday - my make up fully slid off my face, onto the floor) up the Cabot Tower. Lovely views but yeh whatever - that ain't me bro.
We then had a wonder around the city spotting some of Banksy's artwork and pointing out where the local drug dealers lived - coz Craig knows.

We also had a wonderful parcel from Junior - a guy we met just the day before who prints t-shirts. He told us to send over some designs and he'd get them printed for us - what a legend!
When we received them we headed to the knap for a little Naomi (Craig) and Kate (Aimee) photoshoot!

To watch this weeks vlog click below and see how Aimee got on dressed as a tenner at the doctors...