This week we fancied having a go at Bingo Lingo. We were expecting a few bevvies and some light Bingo, it was actually like being at a rave. When ever someone got a line or a full house the beats would drop and every went MENTAL! The prizes were proper weird- a giant blow up whale, a pogo stick, a card board cut out of Chewbacca, and the final prize - £250! We also had the most beautiful brioche bun burger from Got Beef? 

On Monday we filmed our first evert Kinging-It challenge 'But Do You Even Know Me Though?!', turns out no, we don't know each other at all. We ended up eating some gnarly shit - cockles, cat food, chillies and pigs liver to name a few! 


Tuesday we took a stroll in St. Fagans Natural History Museum. It was pretty interesting seeing al the old Welsh houses from the 1800's, one of which had a harpist in strummin' her harp like a gooden (no funny business)... 
At one point it actually started snowing - in APRIL! (RIP Prince) so we had to hide in a telephone box to eat our crisps and drink our coffee.
When the sun came out we went to the castle gardens and ate our sarnies by the ponds - proper wicked spot!

In the evening we headed to UFit gym in Cardiff to shoot a promo video for them (we still actually work see), which was a lot of fun and we got some rude shots!

Whilst we were filming Aimee decided to break our DSLR so we had to head into Cardiff the next day to get it fixed. I bribed her by saying we could get some ice cream whilst we were in town. BUT, not just any ice cream, ice cream made with LIQUID NITROGEN!! We had salted caramel ice cream, with peanut brittle and pecan caramel with salted caramel sauce - OH. MY. DAYS. Next level ice cream... If you're ever in the Diff' you should definitely go to Science Cream.

So that is us! Watch the video below and see us in moving pictures, like a moviefilm init, but better: