What is happening happy people!? This week was a proper hoot.
Some how we got our hands on (thanks Pete!) the new Samsung Galaxy 360 Gear camera to have a play. Basically, this little bad boy has 2 180 degree cameras and allows you to film EVERYTHING. 

We were lucky enough to experience what it's like in a hot air balloon and fly high over Wales with Bailey Balloons! We did shoot with the Samsung camera but because it's so new there isn't any editing software for it yet so footage to follow. Although the 360 footage isn't up it does shoot super wide pictures and video with just one camera (there's a few video clips in this weeks vlog shot on the Samsung)  - check out these snaps:

The views and the feeling of being up there floating about was so surreal. I'm terrified of heights and Aimee was real nervous before we took off but Clive (our pilot and the owner) was such a pro that we felt like we were in good hands! When you feel the heat off of the flames and the slight breeze on your face as you're looking around it is one of the best feelings and luckily we never dropped any camera out of the basket. If you've ever thought about doing this then you should 100% book it now because it will be better than you ever imagined!

We then got ourselves to Penarth on Saturday evening for the Penarth Picnic. There were so many great foods and beers on offer it was pretty hard to pick BUT I ended up going for a pulled pork bun cooked by the genius James Sommerin, hats off to you sir it was banging! I also sampled the ale from the boys at VOG (Vale of Glamorgan) Brewery - the South Island Pale Ale blew my socks off and sent me straight back to New Zealand for a second- good work lads!

In the evening we went to see our pal Joel and his band Back To November putting on a show at Academy Espresso Bar in Barry. We knew that these fellas were good but holy smokes they were CLASS; acoustic loveliness, a few wicked covers and a bunch of talented superstars! The cocktails in that place were bloody beautiful (get the vanilla lemon martini) and after 7 we were well on our way to having a top night (it always ends with a kebab if you hang around with Aimee..) 

The next day we had to shake off the cobwebs so we headed to Roath Park to row a boat (as you do, who do we think we are?!). 
We also went to meet our mate Pete who gave us the new camera to try out. We floated about and took some snaps then we got Aimee and ice cream for being well behaved.

All in all it was another wicked week! Click the video below to watch it all unfold: