Hello you Kinging-It champions! It's that time of the week again - weekly vlog time!

This week was full of catch ups and a bit of play with some of our besties! we had a lovely day out in Bath with our best mates Holly & Josh, suffering with hangovers after another night of Bingo (this time we won so it's fine). We ate some banging food at Boston Tea Party, saw the sights and a magician called Billy Kid then came back home to Wales. 

Then we caught up with our mates Luke & Alex who were visiting Wales for the weekend, we had an ice cream down the Island and a wander- nothing but love for these two! <3

Will Webb came home from Skiing in Switzerland so we went and hit a few golf balls down Porthkerry Park in the sunshine.

Then to end the week we announced the winners of the Kinging-It Mugs via egg launching!

Click below to watch us effing about: