Whats better than flying around the world collaborating with different countries?
Waking up and exploring the beauty of your own!

So when Visit Wales wanted to team up with us to create something special, of course we were in!! They sent us on a 7 day glorious road trip around the green Welsh rolling hills and beautifully carved cliffs of west Wales. They particularly wanted us to highlight a new route that is being built and developed over the next 10 years for visitors to come and holiday.

We wanted to show people how fantastic Wales is for a holiday destination and decided to include the best places to stay as Wales has some brilliantly unique accommodations dotted around the country (all owned by the kindest and nicest of people may we add!)

Special thanks to James at Columbus Campers for lending us Poppy, the gorgeous red VW camper. We couldn't have done it without her!

We had the best time exploring our country - it made us so patriotic! We would highly recommend anyone looking to holiday in the UK to seriously consider Wales. It's SO beautiful.
Check out these amazing unique places to stay:

The Airstream: Wildernest  ⇣⇣⇣

Mongolian Yurts: Eco Retreats  ⇣⇣⇣

The double decker bus: The Ceridwen Centre   ⇣⇣⇣

Eco Boutique Safari Lodge : Top of the woods   ⇣⇣⇣

Areona Eco Cabin - Treberfedd Farm   ⇣⇣⇣

The Dragon's eye: Epic Retreats   ⇣⇣⇣

The Den:  One Cat Farm   ⇣⇣⇣

For our full 7 day itinerary please see the visit Wales website here:

Peace and Love,
Aimee and Craig.